Shovel blade on a single axle tractor with their own hands

Makeshift moldboard for a power tiller with his hands drawings

Snow blades, easily mounted on all types of machinery, significantly speed up and facilitate the process of clearing snow. Any snow shovel for a power tiller contains three main parts. a snow shovel, a shovel angle adjustment device and an attachment assembly that fixes the shovel to the tractor frame.

shovel, blade, single, axle, tractor

There are several designs of ready-made mouldboards, which are included in the sets of attachments, but such a “grader” can be made homemade mouldboard for motoblock with their own hands, the drawings are given below.

Shovel-shoulder is an element of the attachment used in conjunction with a power tiller. It can be used to mechanize such common works on a land plot as trash removal, snow removal in winter, as well as leveling the ground and transferring it from one place to another. Shovel blades have different modifications, but in general are characterized by a common principle of operation and device. It usually has several typical working positions. Usually it is the following three positions:

Working with a mouldboard for a power tiller

The power tiller blade turns manually up to 30 degrees to the right and left before starting work. The position adjustment operation is completed by setting the desired angle and securing the blade in the selected position with cotter pins.

Grip width shovel blade for power tillers is usually equal to one meter (some models may have its other value) with a thickness of the metal bucket from 2 to 3 mm. Factory-made shovels are made of high-quality steel.

Blade for power tiller device and configuration

Shovels for power tillers can be equipped with metal nozzles, which are convenient for leveling the ground, as well as rubber nozzles designed for snow removal. Since there is a wide range of modifications of shovel blades, when choosing such an attachment, always make sure that the device can be installed on an existing single-axle tractor.

Manufacturers do not equip shovel blades of power tillers with spring damping mechanisms, because due to the low speed of movement, special protection from contact with the uneven ground surface is not required. A single-axle tractor does not need any lifting and turning devices, which significantly reduces the overall cost of a snow removal kit.

When equipping your single axle tractor with snow removal accessories, buy special metal grousers. Replacement of the pneumatic wheels on such “shoes” noticeably improves the quality of snow removal. for mounted shovel blades for power tillers are low and ranges from 4000 to 6000.

Snow ploughs from different manufacturers

We offer you to get acquainted with various snow-cleaning devices made by well-known and not-so-known brands.

Municipal brush “Tornado”

Road sweeper

Snow blower auger motor-block snow blower Belarus 05-09N-MTZ SN-1M

Snowplow machine SN-1M

Snowplow CM-1

Snow blower motorblade CM-1 “Favorit”


Overall dimensions, mm max length x width x height 600х600х800
Operating speed, km/h 2,04,0
Working width, cm 56
Maximum fresh snow removal height, cm up to 17
Range of throwing the main mass of loose snow, m 5
Weight, kg not more than 55
Belt type. A. 1320, pcs. 1
Number of service personnel, pers. 1

Snowplow CM-2

Snow blower motorcycle CM-2


Technical characteristics
Overall dimensions, mm max. length x width x height 600x600x800
Operating speed, km/h 2,04,0
Working width, cm 56
Maximum height of fresh snow removed, cm up to 17
Range of throwing the main mass of loose snow, m 5
Weight, kg no more than 55
Belt type. A. 1320, pcs. 1
Number of operator personnel, people. 1

Tselina TIP-1 snowplow

Tselina TIP-1 snow thrower

Snow thrower for R316T Husqvarna

Snow thrower for R316T Husqvarna


Working width 100 cm
Working height 50 cm
Maximum rotation of chutes 180°
Rotation speed 1100 rpm./min
Height adjustment range 3 cm
Transmission manufacturer Sumec
Gearbox 1:1
Overall machine length 122 cm
Overall machine width 107 cm
Overall machine height 101.5 cm
Weight 68 kg

Pubert R0027 snow thrower

Pubert R0027 snow thrower


  • Working width 66 cm.
  • Gathering height 25 cm.
  • Snow throwing up to 5 m
  • Productivity (at a height of fresh snow not more than 20 cm) 2500 m./ч
  • Weight 42 kg

Makeshift blade

Those owners, who have no desire to deal with the manufacture of moldboard, can easily buy it in a store, but because of the high cost of such units, more often the owners of private residences and plots are interested in how to make a shovel on a singleaxle tractor by their own hand. over, there is a lot of information and drawings on this topic on the Internet. These features allow you not only to save money, but also make the machine the right parameters.

Dumpers for agricultural machinery (power tillers, tractors, ATVs, etc.). п. ) greatly facilitate the process of snow removal. Especially noticeable in large piles. Any snowblower “gadget” for machinery consists of three elements: the working body, which is in contact with the snow, the mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation, and the attachment unit to the machinery.

Although the factory models and have many different types of designs for any agricultural devices, the self-assembly of the snowplow element is uncomplicated, and can significantly save money.

shovel, blade, single, axle, tractor

With a homemade machine, you can not only engage in snow removal in winter, but also to remove debris, level the area and other necessary functions.

It does not matter which design the owner uses. the factory one or the moldboard with his own hands. In any case, it will have three positions:

Before starting snow removal work, the shovel blade should be set in the right position, based on three possible. After determining and establishing the desired position, it is fixed with metal cotter pins. The width of the snow throwing area, as a rule, consists of one meter, but provided the thickness of the steel used is 3-4 millimeters. Some factory models allow you to throw even more snow. This is because the industrial samples are usually made of high-quality steel.

How to make a shovel for a power tiller with your own hands. order of actions and tips for beginners

The easiest way to make a shovel on a single-axle tractor is to use a steel sheet, about 3 mm thick. This method will allow you to make a reliable device that can cope not only with freshly fallen, but also with the snow that has caked.

Immediately before assembling the shovel, you should carefully study the drawings. In them you must specify the dimensions of each of the used parts, as well as suitable methods of their installation in the manufactured structure.

If the homemade snow plow will be used on a regular basis for clearing snow drifts, you’ll need to reinforce the steel bucket with at least 1 cm thick corners or reinforcing ribs. You will need to make holes in the racks used, which will make it possible to fix the shovel to the boom. It is extremely important that the homemade snow shovel is placed strictly in an upright position. You will need to have a rod, a shovel, a pull rod and a suitable bracket.

Homemade snow blade for power tiller should consist of the following elements:

To assemble a snow blade, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • A sheet of hardened steel with dimensions of 85 x 70 cm and a thickness of 3 mm;
  • 4 plates of hardened steel, measuring 45 x 23 cm and 4 mm thick;
  • 2 eyelets for fixing the rods used;
  • M8, M10 and M12 bolts, fastening nuts and washers;
  • a set of drills for working with metal;
  • wrenches and pliers;
  • A piece of thick, sufficiently thick and tough rubber;
  • a piece of thick steel plate;
  • angle grinder and discs for working with metal;
  • electric welder;
  • an electric drill.

The sequence of steps in the fabrication process is as follows:

  • First you need to make a suitable shovel on a single-axle tractor for snow removal. To do this, the steel plate is heated up with a gas torch and bent into a semi-circle shape. After that, the rear surface of the blade should be welded rigidity ribs, and in front at the bottom of the blade bolt a rubber band;
  • After that, on the sides of the bucket to be welded on one steel plate. they will hold the collected snow;
  • In the central parts of the welded side walls need to drill one hole each;
  • Next, a shaft with an auger mechanism attached to it is inserted into the holes made;
  • After assembling the moldboard, you will need to make a chute, through which the collected snow mass will be thrown to the side;
  • To make a chute you need to take a wide water pipe and weld it to the top surface of the made moldboard. In order for the snow to pass freely through the chute, in the part of the moldboard where the chute is installed, it will be necessary to make a wide hole;
  • At the attachment point of the chute and the blade, it is necessary to weld a thin steel plate, which will prevent the loss of the collected snow;
  • At the final stage, the finished snowplough on a singleaxle tractor will need to be painted, thus protecting it from corrosion. The result of the work done can be seen in the photo.

Made in such a way, an auger snow thrower on a single-axle tractor will make it possible to remove a large amount of snow. Depending on the power of the auger mechanism used, the range of snow masses will be from 2 to 8 m.

shovel, blade, single, axle, tractor

Makeshift blade

Snowplows, which can be installed on almost any kind of machinery (tractors, quad bikes, cars or motor blocks) greatly simplify life and the very process of removing snow drifts. Any snowplough consists directly of the working body, a mechanism for adjusting the angle of rotation, and a mounting unit which fixes the shovel to the power unit chassis.

snow plow for your own hands

Although there are various modifications of factory-made devices for removing fallen snow masses, however, according to the presented drawings, you can easily make a snow shovel yourself. Thanks to this attachment for the “Neva” power tiller, you can clear your plot from snow drifts in winter, and at other times use it to clean debris, level ground areas and much more. Despite the different modifications, all shovels are characterized by a common design and operating principle. The snow shovel has three basic positions:

Before starting snow clearing operations, the self-made dozer blade made from a gas cylinder or steel barrel should be turned 30˚ to the left or right. Having set the required angle, the shovel of the power tiller is fixed in the required position by means of metal cotter pins.


The working width of the shovel is usually 1000 mm when using 2-3 mm metal for the shovel. It is true that some models may be larger or smaller than this value. The industry makes snow shovels from high quality steel.

Modifications to the machine

The “mounted snowthrower” modification will be useful to anyone who lives in his house. With its help, you can turn eternally idle single-axle tractor in winter into a functional equipment by attaching a blade for snow removal. In this case, the variability of the nozzle is amazing. you can use special brushes to clean passages from snow, trailer a rotary nozzle, which will collect sediment in a special tank. It is worth watching the following video to facilitate the process of creating the attachment:

Self-made moldboard (shovel) for power tiller, photo, drawings

The blade for a power tiller with his own hands is made of rolled metal. To simplify the task, the material used as waste gas cylinders or thick-walled barrel. The principle of assembly is the same, but the workpieces cut with an angle grinder have a ready semicircular shape. To make the construction, you will need a welding machine and skills to work with it. Some assemblies can be fixed with bolts, but the main elements of the frame should only be welded for maximum strength.

How to make a mouldboard for a power tiller from a barrel

An old metal barrel is a good material for a shovel. However, the thickness of metal should be at least 2 mm, and preferably 3 mm. Thin tinplate will simply bend under the load. To obtain the desired oval workpiece, the barrel is cut lengthwise by an angle grinder into three equal segments.

The next step is to measure the length of the workpiece, which will depend on the width of the grip of the shovel. If the barrel was about 1 meter high, that would be enough. When a low tank is available, the length of one billet is not enough. Cut segments are welded together. Blanks are stacked with an overlap, and the joints are welded on both sides. To reinforce along the seam, you can drill holes, and put rivets.

If the segments cut from the barrel are small, they are welded together to obtain the desired shovel width

To assemble your own hands a blade for a motorized block from a barrel cleaned the snow well and did not scratch the sidewalk, the shovel is equipped with a knife. In its lower part, a metal bar with a minimum thickness of 5 mm is riveted or bolted on the edge. In addition, the holes are drilled at a pitch of 100 mm for bolts to mount the strip of conveyor belt. The rubber pad will prevent the metal bar from scratching the paving slabs or asphalt.

The next step is to make the frame of the trailed device and the blade pivot assembly. First find the center of the shovel from the height of the shovel. At this point, a piece of 40×40 mm section profile tube is welded along its full length. In the center of the crosspiece weld a semicircle cut out by the angle grinder from metal 8 mm thick. Three holes are drilled in the plate: one in the center and two at an offset, so that the bucket turns sideways by 30 o.

From a profile tube of similar cross section weld the frame of the trailer device itself. The bracket turns out in the form of a letter “G”. One side of it is connected to the power tiller, and the other side is brought to the turning adjusting unit. To make a homemade shovel on a single-axle tractor for snow removal can be adjusted in height, adjust the adjusting screw lever. One side of it is attached to the L-shaped bracket, and the other is put into the hole in the profile pipe of the trailer attachment.

Snowplow from a gas cylinder. assembling tools

The first thing to understand is that the homemade unit must have a good protection. In the motor should not get snow, otherwise it will lead to imminent engine failure.

To be able to regularly remove fallen snow, the engine of the snow blower should have a capacity of at least 5.5 liters. с. At the same time, it is not necessary to chase very high power, because such motors consume a significant amount of fuel.

Before you make a snowplow, you should stock up on the following materials:

  • An angle grinder;
  • Welding machine;
  • Metal pipes and angles;
  • Steel plates;
  • Hammer, pliers, and other locksmith tools;
  • Various fasteners.

After buying everything you need for the job, you need to move on to another stage. the preparatory measures.