Tin wheels on a single axle tractor with their own hands

Wheels for the Neva power tiller

Neva” motoblocks are one of the most common and quite versatile species. Regardless of what work is performed on them, it is impossible to work on this power tiller without wheels and attachments. The choice for this model is quite extensive, given the versatility of this unit and a truly popular love for it.

Selected for the motor-block “Neva” wheels of the following types:

  • Pneumatic wheels, they are completed with a motor tire, a tube, a hub of the motocultivator wheel and a disc. Pneumatic wheels are installed on the gearbox shaft so that the tops of the spikes are located in the direction of travel.
  • Metal, or grousers, are used to increase traction through more traction on the ground. There are wide, high, and narrow types of metal wheels. In addition, metal wheels with blades, spikes and other attachments are used for various types of tillage.

In general, the wheels installed on the Neva can be classified as follows:

  • Transport 4 0x8. are used for transporting loads on motor blocks, mounting them on trailers, moving motor blocks on roads. They have a relatively small diameter and tire pressure, with a width of about 4 inches;
  • Track extension kits, consisting of two stoppers and several extensions, their function is to extend the track. It is optimal to buy a set of extensions that allow you to install wide wheels on a singleaxle tractor;
  • traction wheels 16×6 50 8, installed as a set, used for traction work. Tires are tubeless, so they do not fail because of over-pumping, have an outer diameter of about 16 inches and a working pressure of four atmospheres;
  • KUM-540, 680 for plowing, H for plowing. They allow you to go perfectly through the soft and heavy soils. It is also recommended to additionally equip them with weights.

Making a pneumatic traveler with our own hands from a power tiller

Choice of engine for pneumatic drive

Very often the lack of sufficient funding leads to limitations in the choice of engine, hence one has to use what is available. These are usually two. or four-stroke motorcycle engines, and also use old automobile power units, but much less often. If you still have extra money and when choosing an engine you can not think about their number, you can use these recommendations:

For such a self-made all-terrain vehicle on pneumatic wheels, it is best to take an engine from a motorcycle, for this you need to choose a motor that is most suitable in terms of power and conditions of use. For the motor it is necessary to have a forced cooling system (air or water), because the rover does not have all the conditions that are required with normal, natural cooling.

Four-stroke motors have a number of advantages over their two-stroke counterparts, so many designers use them. As an example, you can take opposition engines from heavy motorcycles. In such devices, you can also use a motor from a car, which is most suitable for installing it on a self-made tracked rover. Such an engine has sufficient torque, as well as reliable in use and it has (importantly) a good price-to-performance ratio. What type of engine to use. diesel or carburetor. that will be your decision.

Both schemes have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, a diesel engine is more economical than a gasoline engine, although in severe cold it can be difficult to start it stably and make it also work steadily, without the use of additional equipment (starting heater). (The same can be said for gasoline engines, but to a much lesser extent.).

Airwheel construction

Designers of all-terrain vehicles in many cases use homemade low-pressure wheels.

What’s so unusual about pneumohydraulic tires? They are comparatively lightweight, highly resilient and have low ground pressure. These features, along with a large rolling radius, give the ATV a good cross-country capability along with economy.

Factory ND wheels

Volume of chambers defines for a design good buoyancy, which is an additional plus for cross-country capability. And if you use foam to fill the space inside the disc, the rover will be more stable on water and there will also be a noticeable reduction in the buildup of snow or mud.

The uncomplicated design of the chassis elements and the ease of finding materials for them makes it possible to build an all-terrain vehicle without much difficulty. But, of course, there are also disadvantages, for example, low life of the cameras, but the introduction of additional elements allows you to avoid this.

All-terrain vehicle pneumatic tires are made by skilled craftsmen using four basic principles:

wheels, single, axle, tractor, their
  • First. 2 discs of sheet metal with bars between them are mounted on the hub, then you need to put the camera, which is fixed by segments of conveyor belt. Sometimes a tread from another camera can be used.
  • The second principle is to fasten one disk to the hub, and after that to the crosspieces and to them to weld or rivet the side rings.
  • The third. the scheme is similar to the previous principle of construction, only for the central disk uses a spoke made of sheet metal or pipe.
  • According to the fourth principle, two disks are mounted on the hub like the disks of a scooter wheel (split wheel).

Here, perhaps, we can finish. Of the many options you can choose one that is more to your liking. It is only necessary to determine the purpose of the ready-made machine and go ahead, into action!

What do you install wheels on a single axle tractor for?

Factory models are usually equipped with a standard wheelset. Since the main load is on it during work, the undercarriage often fails.

In addition, the factory set is not always suited to the tasks set for the cultivator, the terrain, the type of soil. Factory kits are sometimes hard to come by, especially in rural areas. Therefore, the owners of the equipment have to install their own alternative replacements, improving and refining them to meet their needs.

Everything depends on the owner’s choice. the wheels on the tiller can be made independently, as well as bought or factory-ordered.

On 4 wheels

The 4 wheels can be mounted in different ways on the machine. The first option is to turn the machinery into a mini-tractor and equip it with a seat. The second option is more common in homemade machinery. In such a case and the use of unsuitable machine or motorcycle parts, two identical pairs are mated with each other.

The standard conversion of machinery into a mini-tractor is a common procedure if the machine has sufficient power. For such a process, a free axle is created, which is mounted on an extended body. Paired equipment is placed on this axle.

When using the paired version, the two native pairs are split and paired with the second wheel. It is also possible to install weights between neighboring discs, but in homemade work most often discs are paired with a small gap using a small rectangular window, which is then the weights.

Important! Pair variants can be both all-rubber and pneumatic, but one pair necessarily has an aggressive tread.

When fully created, each part will be a double element, which is created from equal parts. It turns out that the elements must be the same shape and size.

  • a higher level of productivity;
  • quick removal of the outer parts;
  • ease of creation;
  • high level of contact with the surface.

The main advantages are higher cross-country capability and increased speed.

wheels, single, axle, tractor, their

singleaxle tractor on 4 wheels is considered the most practical to create at home.


In order to make groundhooks to a power tiller, first of all it is required to find drawings, which will be a guide in the process of work. The easiest way to make a homemade tractor from the discs of the car. Using a welding machine, a metal strip is attached to them, on which the plates-gruntlets are subsequently attached.

Next, in order to make gruntozatsepy, it is necessary to make teeth, for which use a steel plate of sufficient thickness. The length of the tines depends on the model of the power tiller, and they are attached along the rim with the spacing of 15-17cm. Such groundhooks for power tillers perfectly cope with their functions and, if made well, do not disappoint their owners.

Another way to make trestle hooks for a power tiller is to use a used gas cylinder. In this case it is necessary to cut two disks from it, which will become rims, the width of which should be 6 to 10 cm. Their height will be 30cm. Then a metal plate is installed on them, just like in the case of automotive wheels, to which the teeth are mounted. Their length should not be less than 15cm. If necessary, it can be increased as you see fit, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

Solid wheels for power tillers

Wheels to this type of power tiller has an aggressive tread pattern, so it is often installed not only on power tillers, but also on mini-tractors.

These wheels on a single-axle tractor are quite large, so they are considered the best option for use in difficult terrain in wooded and mountainous areas.

Let’s get acquainted with a pneumatic traveler from a power tiller and a marshmobile from a power tiller

As mentioned earlier, the pneumatic buggy and swamp buggy are somewhat modified counterparts of the all-terrain vehicle and caracat. The first option is considered a simple vehicle, which appeared in the 60’s and modern modifications are supplemented by 3-6 wheels for better cross-country ability.

The peculiarity of the pneumohod on the basis of the power tiller, as well as of the swamp buggy is the exploitation of special low-pressure wheels. The fact is that in this case the tires are lightweight, elastic and exert little pressure on the ground. Together with a large rolling radius, the device is distinguished by its cross-country capability and endurance.

Pneumatic buggy and swamp buggy are created under the same scheme as a cross-country vehicle, that’s why many experts often use the three terms in one context. On our website, everyone can find videos with the practical use of the devices and assess their similarity with the above variants of alterations.

Why do you install wheels on a single axle tractor yourself?

The factory set models are usually equipped with a standard set of wheels. Since the main load is on it in the process of work, the undercarriage often fails.

In addition, the factory set does not always correspond to the tasks set for the cultivator, the topography, the type of soil. Factory sets are sometimes difficult to obtain, especially in rural areas. Therefore, the owners of equipment have to independently install alternative replacements, improving them and modifying them to meet their needs.

It all depends on the choice of the owner. the wheels on the motor blocks can be made by yourself, or buy or order ready-made factory.

Attachments for the motor-block with their own hands from automobile disks

Before you get down to work on the manufacture of the tines, you should have some drawings, the orientation of which will be directed to the work process. The easiest and most common way to make it is considered the use of automobile discs.

Step by step instruction on how to make a grouser from discs:

Using a welder a strip of metal is attached to discs, which will later serve as a mount for plates of grousers.

Making tines, the basis for which will be steel plates. The thickness of the plate should be thick enough, if the attachment is designed to work with the ground. The length of tines should be selected according to the model of your power tiller.

Tines are attached in a circle, the distance between them should be 16 cm, the allowable deviation in different directions should not exceed two centimeters.

If the owner of a motoblock has correctly made a grounder with his own hands from automobile discs, then he will by no means be disappointed, but on the contrary, he will have a desire to work and share his experience in the future.

When putting your track into operation, it is worth remembering its direct purpose, i.e. its contact with the ground only. It is categorically forbidden to operate the equipment on hard surfaces, such as stone or asphalt pavement.

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