Which hammer drill to take for home


The KRUGER electric rock drill impresses with its impact-resistant body and rich equipment. The product is distinguished by ergonomics and thoughtful design:

  • a powerful engine will last a long time and will help solve many everyday problems;
  • several operating modes, DFR and SDS chucks make the tool universal;
  • a switch with an accelerator function allows you to smoothly adjust the drilling speed;
  • switch lock provides convenience during long-term operation;
  • reverse simplifies work with complex materials;
  • additional handle makes the device more ergonomic;
  • the power cable is located where it belongs – will not interfere with work

The kit includes the actual hammer drill, an additional keyless chuck, an additional rubberized handle and depth gauge, 3 drills, a lance and a drill.

Hammer Drills – When and What to use


Characteristics Values

Weight, kg 3.1
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation drilling, hammering, hammer drilling
Impact frequency, beats / min 4000
Power consumption, W 1400
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/26
Add. function reverse, switch lock, switch with accelerator function
Power cable length, m 2
Development of Germany
Price, rub. 4490
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Budget tool – for rare jobs

It is advisable to choose inexpensive perforators if the prospective small works are not permanent. In this case, the efficiency of use and the service life of the tool will delight every hobbyist..

The middle class is a reliable tool for amateurs and pros

No other category of construction power tool is as popular as the mid-range rotary hammer. After all, the opportunity to hold in their hands the products of world-famous companies, as well as the ratio of value and potential, do not leave indifferent either amateurs or professionals..

Editor’s Choice

Despite the objective complexity of choosing the best model, the capabilities of the Hammer PRT 650 A should be noted – low cost and decent performance distinguish this tool against the background of its closest competitors in the budget class.

In the middle price segment, Makita 2470 and AEG KH24E will equally effectively meet the needs of amateurs and the requests of specialists. Some, of course, will be satisfied with the existing price of brand models, while others will make a choice based on its potential..

Any tasks related to the repair and decoration of premises are within the power of every rotary hammer from the professional segment. But those who make money on construction, consider the basis for the correct choice of tools not versatility or price, but accuracy and ease of use. From these positions, the correspondence is observed in Hitachi DH24PC3 and Bosch GBH 2-28 DFV Professional, and the battery Interskol PA-10 / 14.4R-2, as a light “dowel” – is generally out of competition.

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Professional tool – precision and comfort in work

The high cost of a professional power tool does not imply its ability to withstand extreme loads. It only guarantees accuracy in every process, ease of use in any situation and a long service life..

Bosch PBN 300 FRE – 7068₽

Like most mid-range models, the PBN 300 FRE comes in a plastic case, with an auxiliary handle, a depth gauge, a set of branded bits, a chisel and a quick-change chuck for conventional drills. But such features as:

  • work with crowns (up to 68 mm in diameter), which allows to minimize the preparation time for places for sockets and switches;
  • adjustment of the number of revolutions, which makes it possible to avoid chipping of the plaster during drilling, and correctly (without aeration of the solution) seal 20-25 kg of dry mixture with water;
  • safety clutch that reduces the risk of injury when the drill or bit gets stuck during tool operation,

and others, indicate that this rotary hammer belongs to the number of professional models. And only the cost reminds you that this is a middle-class instrument. Theoretically, this is the possibility of long-term operation in domestic conditions. But in fact, domestic professionals often use such a tool. Since with a proportionate load and timely maintenance, even the “green” series from Bosch is capable of showing a decent result throughout its entire service life..

Characteristics Values

Weight, kg 3
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation
Impact force, J 2.8
Impact frequency at xx, beats / min 4000
Shaft rotation speed at xx, rpm 1450
Power consumption, W 750
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30/13/26
Add. function Reverse, safety clutch
Power cable length, m four
Origin development / of. production Germany / Germany, China
Price, rub. 7068

11. Makita HR2470 – $ 99

The proven ease of working with Makita horizontal rock drills is also inherent in the HR2470. Relatively light weight with sufficient impact force and smooth adjustment of shaft revolutions, are successfully complemented by comfortable anti-slip handles and a full range of operating functions

The existing possibility of fixing the bit in one of 40 preset positions reduces labor intensity and increases the accuracy of the chiseling process.

The SDS system ensures prompt replacement of the drill. The permissible parameters of processed wood, steel and concrete fully cover the needs of home or summer cottage repairs. Therefore, the 2470 model is in demand not only by amateurs, but also by professionals specializing in finishing work..

Characteristics Values

Weight, kg 2.9
Drill fixation option SDS
Modes of operation Drilling, hammer drilling, hammering without drilling
Impact force, J 2.4
Impact frequency at xx, beats / min 4500
Shaft rotation speed at xx, rpm 1100
Power consumption, W 780
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 32/13/24
Add. function 40 positions of blocking bit, reverse, safety clutch, electronic speed control
Power cable length, m four
Origin development / of. production Japan / Japan, China
Price, rub. 7469
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BOSCH GBH 180-LI 4.0 Ah х1 case Li-Ion 18 V (2 J)

Rating: 4.8

  • operating modes: drilling, chiseling, drilling with chiselling
  • SDS-Plus cartridge
  • reverse mode
  • weight 2.3 kg
  • cordless rotary hammer


  • From 7 J – drilling brick and concrete walls, drilling large holes, difficult dismantling.


The frequency of strikes is the number of forward movements of the striker in 60 seconds. It is regulated by the force of pressing the trigger and reaches 4000-5000 beats / min. The performance is lower than that of a drill, and productivity is achieved through a high impact force.

Tool rotation speed – the indicator has almost no effect on the speed of drilling concrete walls. If you need to drill metal – take a model with

Rotation speed regulator. For a home punch, this is not an important parameter. The presence of this element allows you to work with different materials. After all, softer ones require a lower rotation speed, in contrast to hard stone.

Number of Modes: A modern rock drill can have 2 or 3 modes. This is conventional drilling, hammer drilling or chiselling. Different punch modes are suitable for different types of work performed.

The maximum drilling diameter is indicated separately for each type of equipment (drills, drills, bits) when working with concrete. If it is required to drill the socket outlets, for the crown it must be from 68 mm.

Chuck type:

  • SDS-Plus – Designed for 10mm shanks with a pair of symmetrical open slots for guide wedges and two closed slots for locating balls.
  • SDS-Max – for shanks with 5 slots: 3 open guides and a pair of closed retainers.

There are designs with a quick change of the chuck – the installation of a cam for drills with a hexagonal and cylindrical end.

Wattage – starts at 600W and exceeds 2kW in professional models. For constant work with massive equipment, a power of 1 kW is needed. If you need to punch through a brick wall, make holes for fasteners or get rid of old tile glue – a device with a 750-900 W motor is enough.

Pay attention to additional features:

  • smooth start of the electric motor – will eliminate vibrations at the start, increase the accuracy of drilling, extend the service life;
  • anti-vibration system;
  • depth gauge – to control the immersion depth of the working tool;
  • reverse – reverse rotation to remove jammed drills;
  • speed control.
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TOP-16 Best rotary hammers for home

Crushing and drilling of concrete with stone, chipping of walls is carried out with a perforator. Its percussion mechanism is represented by an eccentric with a spring mechanism (outdated) or a piston system with a rolling bearing or a crank mechanism. An impact drill can also drill holes for dowels in a concrete wall. Its percussion mechanism consists in the rotation of the cartridge with a simultaneous translational movement. Impact drilling is achieved using gears with different teeth or an eccentric.

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  • What to choose for home, hammer or drill?
  • How to Pick a Good Rotary Hammer?
  • Top hammer drill manufacturers
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Tool weighing 9.9 kilograms and 1500 W with SDSMAX chuck. Maximum drilling in concrete – 52 mm. The maximum number of revolutions per minute – 250, impacts – 2300. The impact force reaches 15.5 J.

The best professional model designed for chiselling. The hammer drill is dimensional, but it has a very strong impact, which instantly copes with any surface. With drilling, the situation is much worse. To the advantages of the model, buyers include the presence of a safety clutch and electronic speed control.

  • Very strong blow.
  • Anti-vibration.
  • Thoughtful safety.

DeWALT DCH273N 0 box Li-Ion 18 V (2.1 J)

Rating: 5.0

  • operating modes: drilling, chiselling
  • SDS-Plus cartridge
  • reverse mode, anti-vibration system
  • number of batteries included: without battery
  • case included
  • weight 2.7 kg

Compact portable hammer drill capable of drilling a through hole in a brick wall. Equipped with a powerful, brushless, active cooling motor for long duty cycles. A single charge of the new battery is enough to make up to 90 x 10 mm holes in concrete 80 mm deep. Electronic clutch prevents injuries and protects mechanics, while constant electronics stabilizes rpm under load.

How To Use A Hammer Drill-Tutorial


  • capacious batteries;
  • rotating additional handle;
  • accurate depth gauge;
  • Neon lights.


Rating: 4.9

  • operating modes: drilling, chiselling
  • SDS-Plus cartridge
  • reverse mode
  • number of batteries included: 2
  • case included
  • weight 3.3 kg

A versatile assistant capable of making wall openings made of brick, stone, concrete and wood. Equipped with SDS-Plus quick release and three-jaw chucks for receiving tools with cylindrical and hexagonal ends. The battery capacity is sufficient for making 90 x 10 mm holes in concrete with a depth of 80 mm. The brushless design of the electric motor increases the autonomy and reliability of the tool. The backlight will make it easier to work with a lack of light:

  • Neon lights;
  • vibration reduced to 2.5 m / s 2;
  • quick-detachable cartridges;
  • electronics stabilize the speed under load;
  • brushless motor.

The best cordless rotary hammers for the home

Portable rock drills are an alternative to impact drills. They have the functionality of a network tool, but are limited in working time by the capacity of the battery.