Which Way To Wind The Line On The Trimmer

Replacing the fishing line with lawn mowers

How to wind the cutting line yourself on the reel of a lawn mower (trimmer)

Most often in gasoline trimmers with an engine with an output of more than 1.5 hp. Use cords with a metal cable inside. This thread is ideal for cutting dry grass and small bushes.

The presence of a core has a positive effect on the wear resistance of this material. The disadvantage of such a cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above listed opponents.

Line winding algorithm

Depending on which trimmer model is used, the type, thickness and length of the line are selected. The diameter of the cord can be from 1.2 to 4 mm. It is not difficult to guess that the thicker you fill the cord, the harder and thicker grass it is able to cut.

There are 3 ways to find out which line diameter you can use on your mower.

  • View information on the thickness of the cord in the instructions for the device.
  • Look at the bobbin itself. It can contain information about the possible diameters of the line.
  • Insert the line into the outlet. If it easily passes into it, then a cord of this diameter can be used.

The line is wound on a reel in the mowing head. Therefore, you first need to open it (this was discussed above). There are 2 ways to wind the cord.

Thread sticks together

This trouble occurs most often due to the use of low-quality cord. During the operation of the device, the trimmer head heats up, and low-quality fishing line melts in it, sticking together. Also, sintering of threads occurs when the line meets a solid obstacle.

In this case, a sharp braking of the cord occurs, after which it is pulled into the head, where it sticks. Some machine owners recommend Lubricating the cord with mineral oil or spraying it with silicone spray after winding it around the bobbin. Others advise winding less whining on the reel.

But it is better to immediately buy a high-quality product, in the manufacture of which the manufacturer took into account the factor of overheating of the head, and the thread will not stick together.

How to thread the line into the trimmer spool

In order to wind the line, it will take about 10-15 minutes. What is a trimmer coil? Plastic body with a cassette inside, on which there is a special hook for easy winding of the fishing line.

Almost all trimmer reels have a similar fastening principle, this is a central screw-button, when pressed, it becomes possible to pull out the line of the required length.

The photo below shows a few examples of different trimmer spools.

The bobbins of the trimmers, the motor of which is located in the ground itself, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the coil on the sides, which must be wrung out, otherwise the whine replacement is not different from other cassettes.

To remove the spool with the fishing line, it is necessary to Unscrew, located in the center, the screw, but Note that the thread is left there, so it will have to be turned clockwise, this was done on purpose so that during operation It does not open under the influence of centrifugal force.

Next, using a screwdriver, disassemble the head and remove the spool, onto which the fishing line is directly wound. Having measured the required length and folded in half, you need to tuck the fishing line into the spool.We bring out, in total, its ends opposite each other (for this there are special slots for fixing).

After that, it is necessary to assemble the head in the reverse order, threading the ends of the cord into two corresponding holes.

Winding the line onto the trimmer reel; How to replace the line in a trimmer?

Before you start replacing the trimmer line, you should measure a few meters of line; Which line to use is written in the trimmer documentation or directly on the lawn mower itself.

    How to use trimmer line?

Basically, a fishing line with a diameter of 2-3 millimeters is used; The size of the line diameter depends on how large the stems are in your grass. If it is necessary to mow burdocks, then in this case it is better to choose a fishing line with a diameter of 3 millimeters or more, if your trimmer provides it.

After you have measured the required piece of fishing line, fold it in half and squeeze it with your fingers even stronger from the side to break. In the same way as it is done when inserting threads into the needles.

How to wind the line onto the trimmer spool?

Then you should find on the reel slots for attaching the fishing line; place the fold, insert the fishing line there.

Line reel slot

Then we wind the fishing line on the reel in the direction indicated on the reel itself. As a rule, the fishing line is wound counterclockwise, but if this information is not on the spool, then you should consult the trimmer documentation for information.

Winding the line onto the reel lawn mowers

We wash the fishing line until there are two ends of 10-15 centimeters in size. The winding of the line onto the trimmer reel takes place with little effort and even.

These ends must be inserted into the holes in the mowing head. Then we insert the coil into the mowing head, securing and screwing it onto the trimmer stick. You should also cut off the excess line, if it is larger than the diameter of the protective casing.

The end of the line should be cut off with scissors or bite off with your teeth

We advise you to watch youtube how to properly replace the line in the trimmer by winding it onto the reel of the lawn mower.

Preparation for winding the line

Before the winding process, it is necessary to remove the spool with line from the body. Depending on the manufacturer, power and type (electric or gasoline), there are three design types of trimmers:

  • Compact Electric Trimmers. Trimmer Coil This type of tool has an underside motor and head, which in turn has two side buttons for removing the bobbin. When pressed at the same time, the upper part of the reel with the line is disconnected, and the lower part remains rigidly attached to the braid. Experts recommend disassembling on a level platform in order to prevent the spring from jumping out.
  • Motorcycle and electric scythes with a curved duralumin bar, not designed for working with a knife. As a rule, the coils of such models are equipped with a special wing nut. Dismantling the spool should be carried out, holding the spool body with one hand, and unscrew the thumb counterclockwise with the other.
  • Powerful petrol and electric trimmers with straight bar. Trimmer with straight bar This model provides the ability to install a knife. Removing the coil in such models is done by means of two keys recessed into the coil body. To mount the trimmer knife, it is necessary to align the hole of the reel and the rod, and then insert the device in the form of a steel pin (screwdriver, iron bar). After fixing the coil, the body can be easily unscrewed by hand clockwise.

Changing the line to a disc or knife

When ennobling a personal plot, park areas and other places where it is required to mow all kinds of plants, it is often necessary to change the cutting tool to trimmers.

This is dictated by the fact that the standard pipe installed in the mowing head can only handle grasses.

But when a bush or young growth of trees appears on the path of the worker, the fishing line cannot cope with such a task, and it needs to be changed to a more efficient cutting tool.

If you replace the fishing line with a knife with several “petals”, then this tool can mow both Tall grass and plants with thick and dry stems. And by changing the fishing line to a disk, the lawn mowers user becomes able to cut shrubs or small trees.

Knives and discs are installed according to the following algorithm.

  • The first step is to remove, lock the shaft, the mowing head (turns clockwise) or the boot nut, if the unit has NOT been used yet.
  • Place the dust or cutting knife so that it fits over the small protrusion (bushing).
  • Install the attachment cover on top of the knife and screw the nut onto the shaft (counterclockwise).
  • Tighten the nut (counterclockwise) with a pipe wrench.

For a better understanding of the tool changing process, see this.

How To Correctly Change Line To Trimmers

Which Way To Wind The Line On The Trimmer

The most wearing part in the trimmer design. line. Therefore, it is important to know how to choose the right one and wind it on a reel. All details in the article

Since we considered the choice of a trimmer in a previous article, today we will tell you how to properly fill the trimmer with a fishing line, and which one is better to choose Based on the working conditions.

After you bought a trimmer and began to actively use it, sooner or later the question of replacing the fishing line will arise, since this is the most wearing out element in the tool, intensive use of the trimmer will lead to frequent replacement of consumables.

High cord consumption

Basically, the cord runs out quickly if you hit the ground frequently with the semi-automatic head or press it down hard. The spool is unlocked, and the line, lengthening, is cut with a knife.

Another reason that the cord runs out quickly is improper operation of the machine with an automatic head: the user often cuts the engine speed when mowing.

But as we remember, the automatic head is designed in such a way that it is with each decrease in revolutions that a new portion of the line is supplied, so it is quickly consumed.

How to wind the line correctly: replacement features depending on the type of removable trimmer coil

To figure out how to tuck the line into the removable trimmer head, the following recommendations and instructions will help.

How to quickly and easily remove the coil with your own hands

Before replacing the old line with a new one in the detachable trimmer spool, you must remove the head.

The process is completely simple, even beginners can do the job:

  • Remove the upper fixing cover.
  • Remove the removable spool.
  • Get the spring out, if any.
  • Screwdriver Unscrew the bolt.
  • Remove the housing from the shaft.

By quality

Before you put the line on the trimmer, you need to Pay attention to the section of the cord:

  • Whining with a round cross-section is the most common option. They cut the grass perfectly even in difficult areas;
  • Coiled line is suitable for thin grass. It is not very durable and is NOT suitable for old thickets;
  • A cord with notches and sharp edges is chosen for mowing weeds;
  • Fishing line with a variety of geometric sections will help mow the lawn more evenly, but the strength of the consumables is low.

The owner of the lawn mower should be aware that it is strictly forbidden to use metal wire, fishing thread and various strings.

What are the trimmers and features of their use

The trimmer is useful for mowing small or difficult areas, such as near hedges, between beds and along paths. Today manufacturers produce a wide variety of gasoline, electric and battery models, which can be selected for any owner’s request.

A fishing line is used as a cutting element of the trimmer. In the process of work, sooner or later, its length will end, and then the owner will have a question of how to correctly replace and fix the thread tucked into a removable coil.

By size

Before threading the thread onto the trimmer spool, pay attention to its size. Most often used fishing line with a cross section of 2 mm.

You can choose a suitable diameter in the following ways:

  • See recommendations in the manufacturer’s instructions for trimmers.
  • Manufacturers often apply cross-sectional information to the bobbin.
  • The cross-section of the cord must match the diameter of the reel hole.

How to wind the line on the detachable reel trimmer with two tendrils

You can see before work. And take into account the following recommendations.

  • If there is only one track, both threads are wound parallel.
  • If there are two tracks, each piece is wound in a separate groove.
  • Wind the threads in the opposite direction to the rotation of the head.
  • The length of the risers does not have to exceed fifteen centimeters.
  • Thread the ends into the outlet holes.
  • Assemble the head and check that the trimmer works.

Things to consider when choosing a line

It is important to choose the right material before inserting and locking the line into the detachable trimmer spool.

Rating of the best petrol trimmer models. An overview of manufacturers and models, as well as useful tips from experts, considered in this review, will help in a difficult choice among many device models.

How to properly wind the line around the trimmer: Step-by-step guide and instructions

A beautiful lawn will only look truly well-groomed if you regularly mow the grass. A trimmer is best for tackling difficult areas. Any owner of the unit will sooner or later face a solution to the problem of how to wind the line on a reel, because wrong actions can not only worsen the quality of the mowing, but also disable the equipment. Today in the Homius review we will tell you about all the methods and nuances of replacing the fishing line and the features of choosing consumables.

How to wind the line correctly on the spool of the trimmer with one tendril

Most often, a thread up to five meters long is used. The procedure consists of the following steps:

  • Bent the cord with a loop and insert into the groove of the head.
  • Wind the thread in the direction opposite to the marks on the body. They indicate the direction of movement of the head.
  • Leave the end of the thread up to fifteen centimeters long to increase the centrifugal force.
  • Thread the free end through the spool outlet.
  • Assemble the trimmer head.

Automatic line winding to a spool

There is a type of reel in which the automatic mechanism winds itself. from the user it is enough only to correctly fill the line. The fishing line is passed through a hole on the inner part of the body, its antennae without winding are passed through the hole on the outer body, the reel is assembled, and when the winding button is rotated, the fishing line inside is wound independently. It is impossible to make the winding wrong in such a spool: the mechanism itself will determine the correct direction, since it can only spin in one direction.

How to wind line on a trimmer spool: winding methods and

Any garden owner knows how quickly weeds can fill an area. The trimmer will help you get the victory over them without undue effort. This incredibly useful device is an indispensable tool for trimming and mowing grass.

It is no secret that an ordinary lawn mower cannot be used everywhere. In contrast, the trimmer can handle even very difficult areas. This is especially true of those tools in which NOT a knife, but a fishing line acts as a cutting element.

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Trimmer head types

The main elements of the trigger is the mowing head, which is a cylindrical body with a spool (bobbin) inserted inside. The fishing line (cord) is tucked into it. The heads differ from each other in the way of feeding and threading the cord. There are three types of heads in total:

  • Automatic. The line is then fed as the user decreases the engine speed. Automatic cord feeding is very convenient when there is a lot of work to be done. The disadvantage of such a head is the high consumption of whining.
  • Semi-automatic. The use of such a head does not require the user to perform any complex manipulations. The principle of its operation is designed so that the line begins to automatically lengthen while the trimmer is operating at full speed. You just need to lightly hit the ground with the head of the machine (this will release the blocking of the chain), and the cord will be pulled out of the bobbin due to centrifugal force. Then the line is cut to the required length with a knife, which is located on the protective casing.
  • Manual. To lengthen the cord, the machine must be stopped. After that, the line will need to be pulled out manually.

Trimmer coil types

Coil with two working tendrils

In this type of spools, you should determine the number of grooves for winding the line, lying on the inside of the spool:

  • One groove. both tendrils are wound together in one groove;
  • Two grooves. each antenna is wound on an individual groove.

For both cases, a line with a length of 2-3 m is taken.In single-groove reels, the line is pulled into a through hole, its ends (antennae) are folded together and aligned, after which they are wound in the opposite direction of rotation of the bobbin on the rod side. inside the arrow usually indicates the correct direction of winding. If there are fixing grooves, the ends of the fishing line are threaded through them or held with the fingers of the free hand, they are threaded into the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the bobbin is closed and attached to the trimmer bar.

The difference in line winding in two-groove spools is that initially a 2-5 m long line segment is folded in half (to determine the mid-bend), and the bend loop is inserted into a special groove between the grooves. Both antennae of the fishing line are wound each along its own groove, fixing the antennae and assembling the coil is similar to the above-described option with one groove.

The first execution of this procedure, perhaps, will seem long and rather laborious, but with time and experience this task will be solved much faster and easier.

The following will clearly show how to thread the line into the trimmer spool and wind it correctly. this operation is NOT difficult and with some patience it will certainly be crowned with success:

How to wind line on a trimmer

You do not need to have any Special Skills to reel in the line on a petrol or electric trimmer. To begin with, it is important to decide on the appropriate consumables, and then choose the best method. There are two different ways to load the line into the spool of the device.

How to replace a fishing line with an electric or trimmer?

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