Crawler attachment to your power tiller with your own hands

What are they like??

Moto-blocks, equipped with crawler attachments, can be confidently called a universal equipment. They are successfully used not only for agricultural work in various, even the most difficult operating conditions. Unit owners emphasize the ability of upgraded units to easily overcome any, including snow-covered areas. Motorcycles equipped with tracked platforms can be used all year round for:

In addition, such units are a convenient means of transportation for hunters and fishermen. It is the scope of application and the tasks assigned to the technique that determine the features of attachments and modules, which are equipped most often with rubber tracks. There are many variations of these upgrades, all of which are different from each other:

The components of the axle modules are the following elements:

When analyzing the types of additional attachments, you should also consider the methods of installation. Rectangular models, for example, are mounted with a bolted connection. Rollers mounted on the bottom of the axle tension the caterpillar chains. The platform is set in motion by two pinions on either side. A pinion-type attachment with triangular track tensioning consists of:

Gears are installed on the axle, which is directly connected with the gearbox of the motoblock. Rollers are located in pairs at the bottom of the structure, on the edges of the tracks. Such a solution allows for optimal tension during movement. The differential lock makes manoeuvring much easier.


The uniqueness of track attachments is that installing them instead of a basic, wheeled drive transforms an ordinary single-axle tractor into an effective tow vehicle, all-terrain vehicle or snowmobile in a matter of minutes. The most relevant such upgrades for equipment belonging to the category of small-sized agricultural units with a shaft diameter of 30 mm. The crawler module can be purchased ready-made or can be assembled by yourself. For the second option on the World Wide Web you can easily find drawings and video instructions for assembly and installation.

High-quality purchased and competently made by hand devices are characterized by high strength and durability. Easy installation, operation and maintenance. The installation of a purchased platform of any configuration and complexity does not require any special knowledge and technical means. Will be enough of basic skills and a minimal set of tools. Installation of homemade units has a number of nuances. Keep in mind that too high a platform shifts the center of gravity of the whole machine, which itself has a negative impact on its stability. The result is a greatly increased risk of tipping over the crawler when maneuvering off-road. An additional axle must be placed higher to increase stability when installing the caterpillars.

crawler, attachment, your, power, tiller, hands

The width of the axles also has to be taken into account. Experienced owners advise to increase the wheelbase if necessary. If there is no differential, as an effective alternative, you can use a rotary extension. This triangular device has a positive effect on the maneuverability of the crawler

Choosing, purchasing, manufacturing and installing a crawler drive, it should be taken into account that such modernization is not relevant for air-cooled models. This is due to the excessive load on the power unit

Caterpillars for power tillers: how to make them yourself?

Before we begin, it’s worth noting a few points. Tracks for a power tiller should not be too heavy, because usually this mini-tractor does not have a very powerful engine. Excessive weight can lead to the fact that the device will fail. There are several options for materials: sleeve-roller chain combined with conveyor belt, tires, chains, pipes, belts. To make tracks on a single-axle tractor with your own hands, you must have the following tools:

  • angle grinder, in some cases. drill, electric jigsaw;
  • bolts, wrenches and, directly, a certain number of nuts;
  • Grinding belt, chains, wire;
  • knife (mostly. a shoemaker), a set of screwdrivers;
  • apparatus for welding works.

How to make tracks for a power tiller with your own hands, you can learn from the video instruction.

Of course, a schematic design and drawing is a must in preparation for making the fixture yourself. In addition to the mechanism itself, you can independently make a track drive for the motor block, the application of which depends on the imagination of the owner (from work with tillage to even coal harvesting).

Crawler modules for power tillers

At the moment there is a large number of different caterpillar tracks for power tillers on the market. They are all similar in design, but differ in size of crawler track, number of rollers, quality of materials and actuation principle.

Of the domestic snowmobile modules can be noted:

Of the foreign models in demand are the products of the manufacturer Talon, and its models: Talon 380, Talon WT and others.

All these models are simple and reliable in operation. But for long-term and proper use, you should follow a few simple rules:

crawler, attachment, your, power, tiller, hands
  • Periodically check the degree of tension of the crawler belt. If it is loose, tighten it immediately.
  • Lubricate all cogwheels and idlers regularly to keep them running smoothly.
  • Before each trip it is necessary to visually inspect the condition of the crawler module.

The track module is perfectly suitable for use on any surface, including asphalt:

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From wheeled to tracked and back again

Acquired wheeled model can be converted into a tracked model if desired: to do this, an additional pair of wheels are attached, connecting them in pairs by caterpillars. Such restyling will not be cheap, but if you want you can look for the necessary parts at the farm, ask around from acquaintances, saving significantly on purchases.

When the tracks are not needed, they can be removed. Making the second pair of wheels attached, you can easily return the motobloc to its original form if necessary. True, such modification will be more labor-intensive. In most cases, this option is implemented by attaching the wheels to an existing axle through the transmission. Transmission can be flexible or rigid.

You need a lot of forethought for the mounting method, but it eliminates the need for welding. And today you can find ready-made drawings, if you have access to the Internet. We decided to improve our single-axle tractor? Think about what type of track will fit your equipment.

Here is how to make a track for a single-axle tractor out of improvised materials: drawings, instructions, video

Starting the review of tracked modules to power tillers, we want to say that these attachments justified themselves not only in agricultural work. Modules are no less important in winter, when getting on snow-covered areas is quite problematic.

The single-axle tractor with crawler drive can be used all year round, its operation is relevant at:

  • field work on heavy or boggy soils;
  • clearing areas of snow in conjunction with a snowplow head;
  • Carrying cargo over difficult terrain;
  • as a vehicle for winter fishing or hunting.

The main advantage of the caterpillar is the following:

  • better traction with the ground, and therefore. better cross-country ability;
  • greater stability of the unit, due to a more even weight distribution;
  • The possibility of carrying out work with a variety of attachments;
  • Quick conversion from wheel drive to track drive and vice versa.

We suggest you watch a video about tracked power tillers:

How to make a caterpillar on a single axle tractor with their own hands

In order to assemble homemade tracks for a power tiller, you will need tools:

  • apparatus for welding;
  • drill;
  • Electric Jigsaw;
  • angle grinder;
  • A standard set of tools (pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers);
  • blades;
  • sanding belts;
  • chains.

There are different ideas on how to make the tracks yourself. One is to make a track drive from a conveyor belt and roller chain. Making a track is all about stitching the sides of the chain and belt. This can be done either on a machine or by hand. The thickness of the belt should be chosen taking into account the power of a power tiller. A heavy power tiller will need a thick band (7 to 15 mm).

There is also a way to make tracks from car tires.

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Tanks are not afraid of dirt: Tracks for machinery with their own hands

The time for work in gardens and orchards is approaching, and gardeners should already think about how their equipment will cope with the tasks assigned to it. For example, an ordinary single-axle tractor is not always able to pull the attachment. it begins to slip, even in spite of the gears on the wheels. And this is not the only problem. Often in the spring it is simply impossible to get to the countryside because of the mud, which means that such an issue requires an urgent solution, as Homius editors suggest making tracks for different wheels with their own hands.