Dust-free diamond cutting of concrete

Diamond cutting of wall openings. cutting of reinforced concrete Kiev

In order to effectively make an opening in the wall, diamond cutting is used. Diamond cutting of openings. this is a modern technology with the help of which you can get holes in concrete, but not only in it, but also in other solid building materials. As a result of this process, you can create an even cut, which will allow you to freely carry out work and not spend additional time on it. Diamond technology can be used for ventilation pipes, wall dismantling and many other construction works.

Diamond cutting wall openings can take much less time and effort than other technologies. In diamond cutting, diamond spraying is used. Due to the fact that this mineral has solid characteristics, it is used in construction. It allows you to process even the hardest material. Nowadays, diamond cutting of wall openings is becoming more popular due to its characteristics that allow you to accurately and quickly make an opening in the wall.

Diamond cutting of reinforced concrete or concrete has many advantages over a hammer drill. Since cutting with diamonds allows you to create cuts that do not require additional processing.

In construction work, equipment is often used with which diamond cutting is performed. Cutting reinforced concrete cues and other building materials is very effective, just like diamond cutting. The main advantages of the equipment include the fact that it is safe to use, since it has a cooling system that does not allow it to overheat. During operation, such equipment does not cause vibrations that can damage the structure.

In our work, our company uses only the best and most modern equipment, which allows you to easily create high-quality openings in a few hours. In our robots, we use high quality diamond minerals so that the equipment does not fail during the robot. We are always happy to come to your aid.

Diamond cutting of concrete

Today, the best and most effective way to create an opening is diamond cutting, since this method allows you to create an opening in concrete or other building materials, not just of high quality, but with excellent characteristics. And this suggests that diamond cutting of openings is a high-tech and modern way. This method will be used often, since it has high advantages that positively and perfectly affect both the creation process and the opening itself. Therefore, many will use such concrete cutting, and the price for this service is attractive.

In order to create a first-class opening, you can use the services of the Almarez company, since it is she who will provide high-quality diamond cutting and the price for this service will be affordable. Therefore, using such a service in our company will be an advantageous offer. We will offer you excellent cutting of concrete and other building materials, and this will allow you to create an opening with a minimum level of noise and dust, as well as without vibration and shock loads. This means that when our craftsmen create an opening, they will not harm the concrete, so the wall or structure in which the opening was cut will not lose stability and strength. And such work will be carried out with high quality and at a high level, which will create a wonderful opening.

Diamond cutting of walls is an excellent way to create an opening, as it has wonderful advantages that will make it faster, more comfortable and easier to create an opening. Contact the company “Almarez” and you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the quality of the services offered, but also by their price, since it will be profitable. In addition, we carry out all work only using modern equipment, so you will be satisfied with the quality of the work done and their results.

Concrete cutting with wall saws

  • Diamond cutting with a wall saw is characterized by high productivity and significant cutting depth, therefore it is recommended for industrial cutting of openings, hatches and other elements in heavily reinforced monolithic concrete structures: walls, partitions and floor slabs in a short time;
  • Requires unilateral free access from 300-350 millimeters;
  • Given the high consumption of cooling water (10-15 l / min), it is required to be able to quickly replenish its water supplies (connection to the water supply);
  • It is possible to collect waste water with a standard vacuum cleaner;
  • Requires 380V and 32A alternating current.

Cutting concrete with hand tools

  • No or minimal water consumption;
  • Low power consumption;
  • Requires a 220 V AC network and the ability to fill a 15 liter container with water;
  • Scope. lightly reinforced load-bearing walls and partitions with a thickness of 70-400 millimeters.

Is there a technology for cutting concrete without noise and dust?

Silent cutting of concrete is a marketing ploy of construction companies. over, in addition to noise and dust, some types of concrete cutting are accompanied by water, which cools the cutting tool from overheating.

Cutting concrete, like cutting any hard material, is the mechanical action of a rotating tool. When cutting concrete, there is no impact noise, but there is noise generated by the electric motors of the tool drive and noise from the tool itself cutting a groove in the concrete and cutting the reinforcing bars.

By default, concrete cutting is subdivided into “hand”, “machine”, “dry” (without water cooling of the tool) and “wet” (with water cooling of the tool). Regardless of the cutting technology, work is accompanied by a significant emission of dust, noise from disassembled pieces of concrete and noise from a disc, crown or cutting chain.

Thus, cutting concrete without noise and dust with existing equipment and tools is impossible! This also applies to drilling concrete.

  • Diamond cutting of walls and partitions with hand tools:
  • Diamond cutting with a stationary wall saw;
  • Diamond cutting with floor saws;
  • Wire cutting.

Is it possible to cut concrete without noise and dust?

Modern equipment allows you to quickly and accurately cut almost any concrete structure into “stars”. These are special manual or stationary electric machines equipped with diamond tools: discs, chains and crowns.

diamond, cutting, concrete

Concrete cutting with floor saws

  • Two types of powerful, productive equipment are used: electric and gasoline. The second type is characterized as “non-volatile”, therefore, it is usually used where there is no AC network: in open areas, in the field and for cutting expansion joints in the asphalt concrete pavement of highways and sidewalks;
  • Pressurized cooling water supply is required;
  • It is necessary to provide for the possibility of supply and exhaust ventilation of closed rooms (for gasoline devices);
  • A 380V AC connection is required (for electrical equipment).

Cutting concrete with ropes

  • With the help of a special rope with diamond core bits and a drive, it is possible to cut concrete structures without limiting the thickness, including cutting concrete columns;
  • Requires a 380V network and a supply of running water under excess pressure;
  • The cost of work is influenced by: the thickness of the structure, the type of building material and the type of opening (holes).
  • The minimum noise level is created, the minimum amount of dust is formed;
  • Wire cutting is characterized as high-speed cutting of an opening with perfectly smooth edges of any configuration, including in conditions of a limited approach.

It’s important to know!

To legalize openings and hatches in load-bearing walls, you will need to submit the following documents to the state authorities of Russia: a contract for work, a copy of the SRO permit, an act of hidden work reinforcing the structure, an extract from the work log, a state act issued in accordance with the established procedure by a contractor.

Coordination of openings in load-bearing walls

When a hole is made in a structure, it partially loses its properties. Such a wall becomes less durable and can be destroyed. At the same time, the entire building is under threat. Even at the stage of selection of building materials and before the start of the cutting process, project documentation is drawn up regarding the redevelopment. When choosing the location of the door or window opening, a number of requirements are taken into account.

Redevelopment actions must be coordinated with the organization that designed the object. For this, it is necessary to prepare a technical passport of the premises and invite a specialist to assess the state of the structures. The likelihood of obtaining permission for redevelopment increases if the apartment is located on high floors, then the load on the walls will be lower. The year of construction, the condition of the walls and the width of the opening play an important role in making a decision. If the project is approved, a diamond blade can be used to cut concrete.

Concrete saws

By the type of power source, the equipment of this group is divided into the following types:

  • hydraulic;
  • electric;
  • gasoline.

Makita 4100KB Dust-free Disc Cutter. ideal for concrete

By design, saws with a diamond cutting edge can be chain, circular and reciprocating. In the first case, concrete cutting is carried out by an elongated structural element equipped with a chain interspersed with diamond chips. The hole saw has a circular cutting edge, due to the peculiarity of the operation, this type of equipment contributes to obtaining a deep cut on the concrete surface. Reciprocating saw by the principle of operation resembles a jigsaw, but it is equipped with a nozzle of a different configuration.

Advantages and disadvantages of technology

Diamond cutting of concrete is popular for its many positive aspects:

  • time is saved, since the work is done quickly;
  • a wide range of equipment, which is equipped with a diamond cutting edge, which allows you to choose the right option;
  • using a diamond tool, you can do it yourself;
  • cut accuracy, no edges, for this reason additional processing of the seam is not required;
  • low noise level during work;
  • the amount of dust is small if the technology of wet cutting of concrete is used;
  • versatility. the diamond edge cuts materials of all types and thicknesses.

Thanks to these advantages, this technology wins in comparison with other methods, for example, when plasma cutting of concrete is considered. The second option assumes the need to use high temperatures. This is not always acceptable. Cutting with a diamond-coated tool has a minimal number of disadvantages. There is a high price for work (from 1000 to 12000 rubles / rm).

Application of diamond cutting

This technology is used for various purposes:

  • expansion of existing openings;
  • the device of niches in the walls;
  • creation of technological holes;
  • wet and dry diamond cutting is used to dismantle concrete structures, floor slabs;
  • arrangement of openings in load-bearing walls and partitions.

This technology is realized through any equipment equipped with a diamond cutting edge. A tool with suitable characteristics is versatile, since it allows you to cut material of any type and configuration: simple concrete, artificial marble made of concrete with additives, weakly reinforced material, reinforced concrete structures.

How to cut concrete

First of all, the required depth is determined. If the wall is thin and the cutting surface is appropriately sized, the concrete is cut through the entire thickness. In the case when the structure is massive, but it is not possible to cut concrete with powerful equipment, a simpler tool is used. In this case, the cuts are made on both sides of the wall. Before starting work, you need to make a markup, for which a laser level, a marker and a tape measure are used.

The cutting technology is selected. If the site has operating wiring without the possibility of disconnecting from the network, cutting is carried out using the dry cooling method. Otherwise, before performing work, the concrete is moistened with water. The cuts are made deep, through. When cleaning the opening from excess material, large pieces can be divided into small parts.

Cutting concrete with a diamond blade

This type of cutting edge is the most popular. It is used in hand cutters, angle grinders, wall cutters, seam cutters, and circular saws. The diameter in each case will be different. Cutting with a diamond blade is carried out using dry and wet technology. In the first case, a cutting edge of a complex configuration is used. To increase the efficiency of air cooling, the structure is influenced by a special disc. with many holes. Sometimes this edge has segments.

Holes in the walls are also made with discs of other types. with oblique notches. This is an even more efficient cutting edge. If the task is to process a surface of highly reinforced concrete with a diamond disc, this option is used. The circle diameter can be different: from 125 to 1000 mm. Thanks to a wide range of products, processing with diamond discs is simplified, since a specific version is selected for structures of different thicknesses. In addition, the diamond-coated cutting edge is also suitable for the case when it is planned to make marble from concrete. The resulting material is also processed with discs.

Wall sawing machines

They cope with surfaces of varying degrees of hardness, including such equipment is used for punching monolithic concrete. Cars can be of two types:

  • electrical;
  • hydraulic.

The first of the options is intended for work on concrete without reinforcement, this material is softer. Electric saws are also used to process expanded clay and foam concrete. They are also used for cutting monolithic concrete with insignificant reinforcement. These wall saws are an alternative to using a wire saw for cutting high strength materials. If we consider hydraulic stations with a cutting edge, then they can be used for processing brick walls, soil concrete and highly reinforced concrete.

How to cut without dust

The main components of such a technique are: a guide rail with a movable diamond disc and a protective cover attached to it, a hydraulic or electric transmission. The control of such a machine is carried out automatically. The person must position the guide rail correctly. Make sure the disc is clearly above the scribed line. Thanks to the large cutting edge, it becomes possible to make holes in concrete or reinforced concrete structures of substantial thickness. For one of these machines, look at

Concrete cutting tools and equipment

Depending on the type of work, the use of special machines may be justified: wall cutter, wire rope machine. In domestic conditions, it is advisable to use less powerful tools for diamond technology: hand cutters, an angle grinder, chain and hole saws, a diamond bit. The general principle of working with such equipment is the same: the cutting edge must penetrate into the thickness of the concrete structure and go through the wall through.

However, the preparatory work in each case will be different. So, sometimes you need to install the guide elements first in order to use the equipment. Hand tools are compact in size. In this case, you need to connect the power supply or pour fuel into the tank. Diamond cutting of concrete requires the use of a carbon abrasive sputtered cutting edge. Accordingly, any tool will contain a circle, disc or other shaped diamond-coated elements to destroy concrete structures.

Varieties of tools for cutting concrete

During the construction process, there is often a need to drill holes in a concrete wall to modify or create openings for doors, windows or communications. For these purposes, concrete is cut using a variety of equipment, from hand tools to heavy professional machines.

However, it should be borne in mind that wall drilling is associated with a huge amount of dust and noise. Therefore, before starting work, we will consider methods for cutting monolithic surfaces.

Concrete saws

A gas or compressed air chain saw is often used to cut concrete by hand. This lightweight and affordable tool does not require special skills, therefore it is optimal for DIY construction work.

A gas saw differs from a wood chainsaw with a more complex tire, which is equipped with special channels for water supply (due to which concrete is cut without dust) and a diamond chain.

Such a cutting set allows you to make cuts up to 30-40 cm deep, while the unit rotates 90 degrees, which is very convenient when creating niches, openings and other holes in concrete.

As a rule, gas cutters work on a two-stroke principle and are distinguished by a high degree of protection against dust formation.

The concrete saw is suitable for the following materials:

  • Lightweight concrete (expanded clay concrete, wood concrete and other materials).
  • Heavy concretes, which include Portland cement, asphalt and other binders. Also, a gas cutter can be used to process monoliths, if there is a weak reinforcement cage.
  • Silicate and ceramic bricks.
  • Natural stones, porcelain stoneware and other artificial materials.
  • Gypsum, plasterboard and limestone structures.

Also, the gas cutter is suitable for work on foam concrete and for other aerated concrete (foam blocks, gas blocks, foam concrete blocks, etc.).

  • Laser cutting of concrete. Processing is carried out by heating the surface with a laser. Due to the high cost of equipment, now such processing is practically not used.
  • Plasma cutting of concrete. This method is also never used in private construction, but the cost of the equipment is lower. For plasma cutting, the material is also heated, but not due to the laser, but due to the compressed arc of the plasma.

After you have decided how to cut concrete, you need to take into account several nuances of the work.

Seam cutters (seam cutters)

For cutting horizontal concrete slabs, creating expansion joints and openings, joint cutters are often used. The floor saw consists of a metal frame on wheels, an engine and a cutting wheel. This equipment is used to cut openings up to 2.7 cm deep.

  • Stationary. Apparatuses of this type are used for thick layers of a monolith.
  • Portable. Such units allow making cuts of different depths and configurations.

Among the advantages of this equipment is the ability to cut thick surfaces with minimal vibration. Of the minuses, it is worth highlighting the high cost and the ability to process exclusively horizontal surfaces.

Hand carvers

Such equipment for cutting concrete is most often called an “angle grinder”, but in the professional field, this device is called an angle grinder (angle grinder). Such a hand cutter allows you to make openings in the wall up to 13 cm thick. Tools of this type can have different power, they are also equipped with special attachments that are fixed on an angle grinder using a screw thread. Most often, cutting is performed using grinding, roughing and cutting diamond discs.

Helpful! When choosing diamond cutting discs, it is recommended to buy products with cuts for ordinary concrete and without cuts if you plan to cut reinforced concrete structures, since the protruding elements of the disc will cling to the reinforcement.

Hand cutters are highly maneuverable, which allows for large volumes of work. On the other hand, angle grinders and diamond blades for concrete are only suitable for small areas. If you use such equipment for large construction projects, then you or your workers will quickly get tired.


Today, cutting openings in concrete is carried out using the following units:

Rope machines (cutters)

Wire saws are available with both hydraulic and electric drives. Also, devices of this type are equipped with oil stations, stands for ropes, rollers and cooling systems.

Wire rope cutting of concrete is used to dismantle large buildings (bridges, piers, columns and much more). This specialized cutter can cut holes up to 50 cm deep.Cuts can be made in any direction.

The main cutting element in such machines is a special diamond coated wire.

This type of equipment is considered to be expensive and difficult to work with, therefore rope machines are used for various works (dismantling, cutting of reinforced concrete, blocks and pipes) at large construction sites.

However, making cuts with an angle grinder or wall saws is not always possible due to the lack of electricity. In this case, a chainsaw is used for concrete or, as it is also called a gas cutter.

Wall sawing machines

The wall saw is another concrete cutting tool equipped with a diamond blade. The unit consists of a motor, a hydraulic pumping station, guide rails (for vertical and horizontal fixation), a cutting disc (over 25 cm in diameter) and a control panel.

Machines of this type provide better cutting quality. In addition, the unit has the following advantages:

  • The opening depth can be up to 7.5 cm.
  • Suitable for large jobs of increased complexity.
  • With the help of the unit, cutting of reinforced concrete is carried out as quickly as possible.
  • Low noise and vibration.
  • Reliable fixation on the processed surface.
  • High Cost Concrete Cutting Machine.
  • Training is required to use the unit.
  • Requires 380 W power supply.