How to assemble a sprocket to a Weima single axle tractor

Installation on a single axle tractor

The prefabricated construction is mounted on a single-axle tractor instead of the original wheels. This is not difficult, provided the pre-assembly has been done correctly:

  • Prepare single axle tractor.
  • Leaning the entire mechanism on the frame (also called the coulter).
  • Tilt at a 45 degree angle.
  • Install under the handle of the tiller of the motorized tractor the so-called trestle, made of wood.
  • Simply remove the wheels that the single axle tractor comes with from the factory.

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How to assemble a cutter on a single axle tractor

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About the elements

They are needed when cultivating soil. So the quality of machining depends on the model and the complexity of the procedure itself: the load on the motor, ease of operation and labor.

As a rule, the tiller is included with the power tiller. But that might not be enough. Sometimes more depth or width of cultivation is needed, so the unit can be supplemented with other products. This solution also improves the process of moving the power tiller forward. Plus, it’ll extend the life of the mechanism.

assemble, weima, single, axle

If the soil is clayey, then it is better to use two pairs of tillers. And even if the soil is light and has been worked before, the additional elements are not a hindrance.

Changing the depth is possible due to the adjustable coulter. It is a robust element that is vertically mounted on the tiller arm of the power tiller. And the final loosening depth is influenced by the diameter of the tiller.

If there is a desire to make cutters for a power tiller with your own hands, you should start with determining their types. Two types of design can be distinguished:

The last option is the most popular, it can be called standard. After all, these types of products are time-tested: their effectiveness is quite high. They have an optimal shape and material. The blades are made of high-quality, high-strength steel. In addition, the material is thermally hardened and treated with high-frequency current.

It should be noted that tillers-cultivators have a collapsible design. This peculiarity is caused by the fact that the material does not accept welding well. As a result, before installing the product on a single axle tractor it is required to pre-assemble it.

As for goosefoot products, such products are used for hard soils. They have a solid construction, not collapsible. Thanks to this their strength is high.

Such products are effective for weed control and tillage. But the drawback is that they are made from carbon steel. This affects the strength of the products: therefore, you need to process virgin soil very carefully, so as not to bend the products. Nevertheless, this allows, firstly, welding, and secondly, repairs.

It should be noted that the cutter is a self-sharpening tool. No additional manipulation in this direction is required.

Frequently asked questions about single axle tractor cutters

One of the most frequent questions is considered: “Do cutters need to be sharpened on a single-axle tractor?”The answer depends on what kind of blades you have and whether they are self-sharpening. The answer to this question also depends on the type of soil you are going to work with. If you plan to plow mainly wet soil, it is recommended to additionally sharpen with an angle grinder. The sharpening of power tillers is important and requires special attention.

When buying a single-axle Kentavr tractor, you often buy milling cutters right away, and sometimes they are already included with the equipment. It’s important to be able to distinguish between these factory cutters. They can be of two types:


These power tillers are effective on hard, hard soils like chernozem. They have proven themselves quite well and at a high level. These parts are available in a single size for all models:

One of the main advantages is that these “legs” are very easy to repair at home, thanks to the malleable metal for welding.

Sabre sharpening

These parts are characterized by their efficiency and functionality. Because of these qualities, they are very popular among customers. They are so named because of their corresponding shape. The part is made of high-strength steel, which indicates their good wear resistance.

The whole construction consists of such parts:

About the elements

They are needed when cultivating the soil. That is why the model determines the quality of machining and the complexity of the procedure itself: the load on the motor, ease of operation and laboriousness.

The power tiller is generally supplied with the power tiller. But this may not be enough. Sometimes you need to increase the depth or width of cultivation, so the device can be complemented by other products. This solution also improves the process of moving the power tiller forward. It will also increase the service life of the mechanism.

If the soil is clay, then it is better to use two pairs of rotary cultivators. And even if the soil is light and has been tilled before, the additional elements are not a hindrance.

Changing the depth is possible due to the adjustable coulter. It is a sturdy element that is vertically located in the hitch of the power tiller. And the final loosening depth is influenced by the diameter of the tiller.

Cutters for the tiller: types, peculiarities, self-made assembly

Cutters for the tiller with your own hands can be made at home without considerable material expenses. Homemade power tillers for the tiller are an essential element of this machine.

In some cases the Neva motocultivator needs to be fitted with equipment that provides greater width and depth of cultivation. For this motocultivator is equipped with factory cutters.

Cutterbar on single axle Kentavr tractor: value, application

Cutter for the Kentavr power tiller during work breaks large clods of soil, allows a complex processing of the soil, which is the main task of the device.

The tiller consists of blades (made of strong steel), which are bolted to the frame. The frame itself is designed in the form of a so-called “herringbone”.

Знакомимся вместе с компанией WEIMA Agricultural Machinery Co., все новинки и испытания техники!

It should also be noted that the active tiller for the power tiller allows first-class processing of the ground, and with minimal labor costs.

What is the best power tillers for a power tiller??

Each type of cutter has its own disadvantages and advantages. When choosing a power tiller for a power tiller, you should take into account its power, as well as the operating conditions.

For example, a sabre-shaped tiller is very durable thanks to its design and the material from which it is made. This type of cutter has integral blades, and they are made of high-carbon hardened steel. It has universal functionality, because it can work in all conditions and on different soils. Also, the blades of this tiller are easier to repair. simply install and mount a new cutting element.

assemble, weima, single, axle

Goosefoot blades are also suitable for heavy soils and for cultivation, but areas with sod or roots are difficult to overcome. They will cause equipment to clog and work poorly. Also, due to the peculiarities of its design, it is more prone to breakdowns, and repairs are usually made with welding work, which is longer and unprofitable.

As you can see, each of the cutter sets is not without its merits. When choosing, rely on the technical characteristics of your machine and the peculiarities of the work to be done.

Not so long ago for power tillers began to be used cutters, which are called “goose feet”. They have proven themselves well, are used most often for hard and difficult soils. Such tillers are used when it is necessary to carry out cultivation in difficult conditions, on stony soils. The construction of the goosefoot blades is solid, which provides the highest durability of the equipment. Cutters are available in standard sizes:

  • the width of the blades is 41 cm;
  • the length of the blades is 38 cm;
  • The height of the construction is 38 cm;
  • The mass of the mill is 16 kg;
  • allowable working speed of a power tiller with such blades is 2-5 km/h.

What are the advantages of the gooseneck cutter, can you install it yourself?? It is convenient for tillage, weed control. Other models do not do a better job. For stony and hard soils, the goosefoot tiller is simply indispensable. From the advantages it should be noted and the fact that the steel of the cutter in this case can be welded. If necessary, you can make repairs at home, and not buy new blades, as it is expensive.

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assemble, weima, single, axle

This type of tiller has disadvantages, too. The main disadvantage is that it is made from ordinary carbon steel. The robustness of the machine is on a high level, but the material is not as strong as the other models. Such a cutter should be regularly inspected when working on clay soils, when cultivating virgin. Cutter blades can be bent or simply broken. However, the repair is not too difficult; a welding machine is usually used for a broken blade, after which the place of the break is carefully polished.

Two people should work together when assembling the circuit, because the weight of the construction is considerable. It is important not to mix up the direction of the knives on the axle. When assembling, the sharpening must face the soil to be worked. To secure the tiller, a stop is used, it is placed on the output axle.