How to disassemble a Bosch mfq 3540 mixer

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Disassembly of a Bosch MFQ 3520/02 electric whisk

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How to disassemble the mixer Bosch mfq 3540 buy

In one of the internet firms, my friend has bought “cheaply” a Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR superaggregate. a professional drill with the class leading characteristics “A drilling chisel” is perfectly suitable for regular continuous use. but it did not work at my friend for a long time after intensive work, the “pe” started spinning the drill with difficulty and became warm when shoring. no question about working with core bits for undercounter drilling holes at all.

When the machine was disassembled in the warranty workshop we were very surprised. The bearings were of the open type.

The bearing is of a completely different type and a lower class. The original Bosch unit is needle closed, it lacks some gaskets, dampers and seals. The electric box on a fake product is visually different. Bosch power tools have “branded” wires, the terminals do not have a second clampDesign of the starter in Bosch tools is different. the balance kerf on the rotor is different, the brass tabs are bent cleanly and not tucked inside. The color of the housing is noticeably different

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Bosch mcm5540. disassembly.

Hi all.I dared to write here for the first time. There may be some issues with the photos, for example.While working with the above mentioned machine a strange sound appeared. My first thought was a problem with some kind of worm or gear train. Looking ahead, the timing belt came off.Checked all sides. only one screw in the bottom cover. Well? Let’s look on the Internet. Found a link on Drive2 on the subject. Of course, we got a kick, but it’s not convincing somehow )). There are a lot of uncertainties.So. Disassembly. Unscrew the only Torx screw on the bottom cover. Further only the latches.

It is this front decorative panel and remove first of all, t.к. The handle of the regulator goes inside the case and will interfere with the removal of the upper (white) cover from the lower (black) cover (bottom of the unit). You have to start from the top to remove the trim, gradually pulling/extracting one side and then the other. The bottom panel will unhook itself.The following photos show front panel fasteners. latches and places of their entry.

I started to remove/unhook the lower cover from the left side, it seemed to be the right way (on the photo 4).

Maybe it would be better to see photos 5, 6 and 7 and try to remove the bottom not by my barbarous method, but a little more carefully.

The photo 8 shows that after disconnecting the parts of the case, the upper part is not removable. the wires are in the way. There is a danger to break them (for example, to break the soldering on the board, where the two brown wires go to).

Since I was little, I loved to watch my mother cook. I remember very well how much time it took to prepare and knead the ingredients for the cake, to knead the dough for cakes, and how much dirty dishes were left afterwards.

With the advent of progress, the hostess only needs. Push the button and one deep bowl, squeeze, squeeze and done.

My kitchen helper which I can’t do without. This is a Bosch model 450-W mixer.

It replaces several gadgets because it has several nozzles:

  • 2 whisk attachment
  • 2 nozzles for thick dough
  • immersion blender reservoir
  • immersion blender attachment
  • mixer base with a charging cord.

There are buttons on the side of the body that, when pressed at the same time, automatically pops out of the base.

The whisk attachment has multiple speed settings. For the immersion blender. just one.

Also, the mixer has a twist. Until the bottom window for the blender nozzle is closed, the whisk will not rotate.

At first, I did not know, I even thought I had a defective copy, but after a thorough study it all worked out.

The blender has a limitation. you can’t wash or wet the base. I just wipe it gently with a damp cloth.

I knead dough with the mixer, make meringues for cakes with ease.

Also it is great to grind onions with an immersion blender with a blade.

Makes smoothies very fast. By the way in the kit comes with a transparent bowl with a measuring scale, it is just convenient to make a smoothie without dirtying a separate container.

⚠️ The only downside I see in four years. The mixer is quite loud at the expense of being powerful.

The blender makes life so much easier. And when there are so many attachments included. It’s really great. Very useful thing in the house, I recommend to buy.

reviews on appliances, beauty, food, and new construction repairs in my profile.

Good afternoon, dear hostesses!

In my last review, I told you about the great helper in the kitchen. Bosch blender MSM 67165RU Ergomixx, and today I would like to share my impressions about another great helper of mine. Bosch mixer model MFQ3540. The uniqueness of this mixer is that it combines both a mixer and a blender!

My mother gave it to me for a birthday present about six years ago.


Manufacturer: Bosch

Pulse mode: Yes

Number of speeds: 5

Power: 450

Type: Handheld

Warranty: 1 year

Country of manufacture: Slovenia

  • The mixer itself
  • 2 whisk-shaped attachments
  • 2 spiral nozzles for kneading dough
  • immersion blender
  • High plastic cup for an immersion blender and a lid
  • In the kit also came with an instruction manual, but I’ve lost it unfortunately.

In general, the mixer has a stylish design, inherent in all Bosch appliances.

The body of the mixer has a nice white and gray color combination. It is made of high quality plastic, all joints are flat. It looks very nice, neat, modern and reliable.

On the front of the mixer on both sides there are holes for a fan, which protect the motor from overheating, so you do not have to worry about burning in your hands.

There is a pictogram on one of the sides which indicates that the mixer has a lifespan of 50 years.

At first glance you might think that the mixer is heavy, but believe me it is not, in fact it is quite lightweight. Your hand won’t get tired holding it.

The mixer has a comfortable handle with a rubberized inlay, so it sits comfortably in your hand and you can not worry about it slipping out of your wet hands.

On top of the handle is located

The Bosch MFQ 3540 has a total of five speed modes when working with the whisk. The difference between first and fifth speed is huge, starting with the slowest speed and going all the way to the fastest mode.

Also, the mixer is equipped with a pulse mode, which is used for blender. To switch to this speed, you need to slide the switch to the letter “M”.

On the two sides of the front end are buttons for detaching the blender attachment.

Cord The power supply for the mixer is of medium length, the plug. Standard.

As I mentioned above, the set includes three nozzles and a measuring cup with a tightly closing lid. Let’s look at each one in detail.

Whisk attachments, are designed for whipping: creams, cream, mousse, soufflés, pancake batter, and easily whip egg whites to a thick foam in a few minutes.

If you look closely at these nozzles, you will see that their bases are slightly different from each other.

One has a smooth and rounded plastic base, and the other has four protruding patterns at the base.

You need these differences to be able to insert them properly in their groove, otherwise the nozzles simply won’t fit all the way in.

Working with the whisk attachments1) Before inserting the whisk, you must make sure that the plug, the plugging place in which the blender is inserted is closed, otherwise the mixer will not work!

2) Insert the nozzles until they click into each of their holes.

3) After use, remove the whiskers by pressing the red button.

➣ Spiral nozzles, which are used for kneading dough.

All nozzles are of high quality, made of steel. When working with a mixer nozzles do not dangle and do not come off.

The foot of the blender is made of heat-resistant plastic. There are slots in the bell so that the ground material can escape into the mass instead of being trapped inside. The blades are made of stainless steel.

In order to set the blender nozzle it is necessary:

1) open the plug and screw the blender foot into the special hole.

2) Switch to pulse mode “M” and keep the button pressed, i.e. к. it itself in this position is not fixed.

There is one small disadvantage, which is that the blender attachment, unfortunately, works only at one maximum speed, unlike the mixer whisk attachments.

3) At the end of the work disconnect the nozzle of the blender with the gray buttons.

4) Close the flap tightly, otherwise the blender will not work in high speed mode

The cup that comes with the mixer has a measuring tape, and in different sizes.

Since my husband on New Year’s Eve gave me an independent blender, the need for this attachment I have at the moment no more. But I must say that this blender is also very convenient to use, so at the time of the summer period this mixer-blender moved to us at the cottage, so that and there we could cook soup puree for my daughter)) With its task to chop vegetables, the attachment-blender coped very well, although, of course, not to compare with a standalone blender.

The noise level. The blender, of course, makes a little noise, but this buzzing unpleasantness does not cause me personally.


My tips for making dough for biscuits

Only fresh and well-cooled eggs should be used.

The beating utensil must be clean and dry.

I always sift the flour twice, to oxygenate it properly.

When whipping the whites, I add a pinch of salt, it allows you to whip the whites even better.

The beating sequence is very important (I will tell you about this in the recipe) and it must not be changed under any circumstances!

To prevent the dough from sticking, grease the baking dish with butter and sprinkle it with semolina.

Immediately after baking, it is better not to disturb the cake. Let it cool in a draft-free place for at least two hours, so that our sponge cake does not turn into a cake

Before baking, preheat the oven to 180 degrees

Do not open the oven ajar to check the process until 30 minutes have elapsed.

So, for a sponge cake with jam, we need the following the products:

  • 4 fresh and cooled chicken eggs;
  • 1 cup flour;
  • 1 cup of sugar;
  • A pinch of salt;
  • A teaspoon of baking powder ;
  • 5 tablespoons of your favorite jam;
  • powdered sugar for sprinkles.

Step One. Turn on the oven and set the temperature to 180 degrees.

disassemble, bosch, 3540, mixer

Step Two. Before whipping the dough, I prepare all the necessary products for this process, so that later I do not get distracted in search of the right ingredients, as stopping the whipping process is not desirable.

Step 3. Butter the baking dish and sprinkle with semolina.

Step Four. Take a tall container (in which the dough will be beaten).

disassemble, bosch, 3540, mixer
  • First, whip the whites, adding a tiny pinch of salt and beating until the volume increases 7 times, until a white and elastic foam. I whip the whites on 2 speeds.
  • Then a little bit by a thin stream pour sugar and gradually increase the speed to 5 and make sure that the sugar is well dissolved. The mass becomes even more fluffy. It takes me about 7-8 minutes to put it all together.
  • Then I add the egg yolks
  • I change the whisk to hooks, t.Now we are going to add flour and baking powder I add flour with a tablespoon and mix the dough very gently on 1-2 speeds.

We pour the ready dough into the prepared mold and put it in the preheated oven for 35 minutes at a temperature of 180 degrees.

During baking NEVER open the oven door.

Cut the cooled cake into two parts with a long sharp knife on a cutting board or cake tin, rotating it on its axis.

On the bottom part of the cake we put any jam. Cover the spread bottom layer with the top layer and sprinkle it with powdered sugar on top.

And now a photo of the cake which I made with this mixer.

It turns out a very puffy, high and delicate biscuit with a crispy crust like a meringue

The Bosch MFQ3540 is a reliable, handy and compact kitchen helper. With all the tasks it copes quickly and efficiently, so I recommend this model to everyone.