How to make a tiller on cameras

Unit electrical system

Medium and heavy tillers are equipped with an electric generator that charges the battery and powers the headlight. The main function of the battery is to start the engine of the mini-tractor using an electric starter. On medium and heavy tillers, it is possible to connect several headlights (main and rear for a trailer), direction indicators.

The power of the working generator is sufficient for the installation of additional electrical equipment, as well as for the stable simultaneous operation of all electrical devices of the tiller. Manufacturing plants have provided for the possibility of additional installation of electrical equipment and equip mini-tractors with generators with a power reserve of about 30%.

The battery capacity corresponds to the starting current of the electric starter. Most mini-tractor models are equipped with generators without electrical excitation. It will be replaced by constantly rotating magnets. Most often, manufacturers install single-phase generators that produce alternating current..

How can you make a light on a tiller?

How to make a light on a tiller, because most models are not equipped with headlights? tiller (mini-tractor) is a mechanism that is designed for agricultural work (plowing, cultivation, watering, etc.). Many models can be used as a vehicle by means of trailers. In this form, tillers transport people and goods, which makes harvesting easier..

Self-installation of the headlight

If the unit was purchased without a lighting system, then you should not be upset. You can install it yourself. Some manufacturers sell a lighting kit (headlight, wires and switch) separately, earning extra money from this option, realizing that most owners will use the tiller as a vehicle. The engine has a special place for connecting the factory headlight. … It would seem that this is a little money in comparison with the price of a mini-tractor, but why spend it if the lighting can be made from improvised means?

Let’s consider in detail how to connect the headlight to the tiller. The first step is to find the lighting element itself. Almost every owner of the unit has another mechanical device (car, moped, scooter, tractor), to which additional headlights are attached. If this is not the case, then a used headlight can be purchased at disassembly points or in the automotive market to save money. If possible, it is best to purchase a new headlight, which can be matched to the color of the mini-tractor. A headlight for a small motorcycle or scooter is suitable for this..

It is necessary to purchase both a toggle switch and the required length of electrical wire.

make, tiller

The most convenient place to install the toggle switch (switch) of the headlight is the steering column near the gear lever.

We install and fix the switch. Next, we move on to installing the headlight. Find a place that’s comfortable for her. The front of the engine or steering column is best suited for installing this equipment. Experts advise to mount the headlight on the steering column tube, because the one placed on the engine will get dirty when driving in the rain. Next, we stretch the wires. If the tiller has a place for connecting the factory headlight, then we connect the wires to it, but if it is absent, then it is most convenient to draw the power from the terminal of the oil pressure indicator lamp. Next, we connect the wires to the switch, and from it we pull the cord to the headlight, using the tiller body as a mass. We fasten the wires with clamps or electrical tape to the steering column.

Learning to create an ATV from a tiller

It is curious, could the designers of tillers imagine what folk craftsmen would turn their offspring into? Hardly! Moreover, the masters are not going to stop there, and the ATV created on the basis of the tiller is a vivid proof of this..

It differs from a standard motorcycle by the presence of four wheels, allowing you to easily drive through the most mountainous areas. The ATV is also known for its relative safety, because in the event of falling into a hole on the road, it is much easier to fly out of a two-wheeled motorcycle than from a four-wheeled one..

ATV from a tiller – features of creating a unit

At its core, an ATV is a 4-wheel motorcycle that is designed to ride in the most difficult-to-reach areas. For this, the unit must have a light weight, a large power reserve, and also be as simple to operate as possible. All these qualities will be possessed by a do-it-yourself ATV from a tiller.

How to make a karakat and other homemade products from a tiller: consider in detail

Today, a tiller is more than just a useful agricultural machine. This is also the basis for creating various homemade products. The latter include an all-terrain vehicle or as it is also called a karakat, as well as an ATV. Each of the listed vehicles will be useful to residents of regions with difficult weather conditions and just fans of extreme sports..

Light Karakat

A light karakat equipped with huge wheels easily passes difficult off-road conditions, finding its way where other vehicles simply cannot pass. From the point of view of their design, such homemade caracats do not have a complex technical basis and are easy to manufacture, which has led to their wide popularity among most home craftsmen..

The secret of the simplicity of this approach to manufacturing lies in the original idea – using ready-made units as much as possible to assemble an all-terrain vehicle from parts and assemblies of trucks and cars, motorcycles, mopeds, which opens up a wide field for the application of creative energy and skills of the designers of homemade caracats. Known projects and caracats from tillers belonging to the middle or heavy class.

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Engine and systems

The installation of the engine and other systems is carried out at the last stages of work. These operations are carried out when a suspension with prepared wheels is installed on the vehicle frame..

In addition to the engine, clutch systems, brake elements, as well as systems responsible for the removal of burnt fuel products from the mechanisms are mounted.

When the engine is installed, it is imperative to conduct a full test of the karakat, then it can be operated.

It is worth noting that depending on the tiller used as the initial unit, the power of the vehicle can also be calculated.

For assembly, you will need to use a standard set of tools and technological equipment and materials at hand. It is important to ensure the maximum possible safety of the vehicle driver and to exclude the likelihood of accidents. A do-it-yourself karakat from a tiller will allow you to move around without problems in severe weather conditions and will last a long period of time without the need for regular repairs and expensive maintenance.

Development stages of a karakat

Conventionally, the following stages can be distinguished, how to assemble a floating karakat:

  • Frame creation
  • Pendant making
  • Wheel creation and assembly
  • Installation of engine and systems

You may be interested in homemade pneumatic vehicles or ATVs from Tiller.

Detailed stages of transformation

Thanks to this simple method of alteration, you can get an excellent ATV that does not need a knurled road and is not afraid of sharp turns and slopes..

make, tiller

In total, it can be noted that with additional tools, materials, drawings, video tutorials and other things, the tiller can be completely retrained and “breathe new life into it”!

General stages of transforming a tiller into an ATV

  • Expansion of the wheelbase;
  • Competent arrangement of the frame;
  • Fitting suitable wheels.

How to make a light on a tiller with your own hands

The question of how to make the light on the tiller has to be decided by everyone who purchased this unit without a standard headlight. Today, most models of domestic and foreign production are designed to work only during daylight hours. And those that have a built-in flashlight do not always provide high-quality lighting. The factory headlight illuminates a narrow sector in front of the car and quickly becomes dirty. Ready-made kits are on sale that can be installed on the Tiller Neva, Plowman, Volgar, Forza and other domestically produced units. With an average quality, such sets are expensive. You can save well if you make a light on the tiller with your own hands. With a headlamp, the cultivator will become much more functional and more convenient to use. Consider the options for how to connect the headlight to the tiller.

Using a generator

If the unit is equipped with its own generator, then the solution to the issue of arranging lighting is greatly simplified. You just need to install the flashlight and supply power to it.

To do this, you will need the following tools and devices:

  • electric drill;
  • soldering iron;
  • screwdriwer set;
  • spanners;
  • nippers;
  • stationery knife;
  • electrical cable;
  • heat-shrink tubing;
  • headlight, side and turning lights.

Installation of a headlight on a tiller using a standard generator is carried out in the following sequence:

  • The bases of the lighting fixtures are screwed to the body of the unit. It is advisable to put the headlight on the tiller on a separate bracket located on the front part with an elevation above the ground of 100-120 cm.
  • On the steering column we install buttons for turning on the lamp, turning and side lights. You should choose devices of increased strength, in a waterproof design. Fixation is carried out with clamps or self-tapping screws for metal.
  • The electrical cable is pulled into a corrugated tube. This must be done so that the wiring is protected from moisture, mechanical damage and rodents. The corrugated tube is pulled to the steering column and frame so that there is no sagging.
  • The wires are connected to the generator and the terminals of the electrical equipment. The engine is started and the lighting system is tested. After that, all twists and joints are insulated.

When idling and at low speeds, the light dims. To keep the lighting constant, you need to use a voltage regulator or install a powerful generator..

Electric generators from MTZ tractors and ZAZ cars have proven themselves well..

These devices are compact, they can easily find a place on the body of the cultivator. To connect a non-standard generator for a tiller, you will need to make an additional bracket. It is assembled from a steel corner on the frame of the machine (there are many videos available on the Internet with a detailed description of the manufacture).

Battery lighting

You can make a light on a tiller without a generator by installing a 12 V battery. The battery from a motorcycle, moped or boat is taken as a power source. Don’t give up your car battery. If you put a heavy power source on the cultivator, then you can solve several associated problems – equip the unit with an electric starter and significantly weight its body. In addition, it will be useful to be able to illuminate the area at night without the engine running. This feature can come in handy for a picnic or night fishing..

Installation of a headlight on a tiller using a battery is carried out in the following sequence:

  • Arrangement of the frame for the power supply. It is best to use a steel corner for this. The frame should be fixed directly to the frame of the motor cultivator body. After lowering the battery into a niche, it is firmly fixed in it using steel straps.
  • Attachment of a lantern and auxiliary lights. The headlight on the tiller is placed so that it illuminates the widest possible sector without dazzling the operator and oncoming vehicles. It is better to choose devices with an adjustable angle of illumination.
  • The location of the electric cable in the corrugation along the unit body. Installation and connection of control devices. Checking the correct assembly of the electrical system with a tester.
  • Connecting the wire to the battery terminals, leading the wire to the junction box. Connection of wires to the switch, insulation of joints, joints and twists.
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In order for the battery capacity to last for a long time, LED lamps must be inserted into the lanterns. They consume negligible amount of energy, creating bright lighting..

If the battery is not located under the standard hood of the tiller, then it is necessary to make a separate casing. To do this, you can take a piece of dense plastic, give it the desired shape and screw it to the homemade racks on the frame..

When deciding to install a battery, you should consider recharging it. To do this, you will need to purchase a charger or install an electric generator on a motor-cultivator..

Light without battery and generator

When deciding how to make a headlight for their tiller, most make the most difficult technical decisions. Making a light without a generator and battery can be simple, fast and inexpensive if you use bicycle lights. This option can be used as the main or alternative light source for any motor vehicle: tiller, cultivator, lawn mower, snow blower. A properly sized flashlight can also be fitted to a motorized dog, towing vehicle or snowmobile.

Bicycle lights have the following advantages:

  • no need for wiring;
  • minimum financial investments with high efficiency;
  • reliability in all weather conditions;
  • availability of its own charger for portable batteries;
  • the ability to mount on the steering column on the brackets that come with the kit;
  • quick removal for manual use or for charging.

It costs two bike lights to purchase. It is advisable to use one for the main beam, the second for lighting directly in front of the unit.

How to make light on tiller MTZ-09

Tiller MTZ-09, like many others (for example, Neva, Zubr, Agat), is not equipped with a headlamp for working in the evening and at night. If necessary, lighting can be made and installed by hand.

How To Make “Your First” Tillering Board for Bow-making.

To make a headlamp for MTZ-09, MTZ-09n or any other tiller on your own, you will need:

  • electrical wire;
  • LED or halogen bulb (optimal power – 5 W with a minimum angle of light scattering);
  • a body from a faulty energy-saving diode lamp, or from a small bicycle headlight;
  • household switch or toggle switch.

To connect the lighting to the tiller, you can use the algorithms proposed above: through a battery without a generator, or using a standard generator.

Rear axle and suspension system

The easiest way is to use ready-made components from an old passenger car, for example, Moskvich 412, for the manufacture of the rear axle. This is due to the low weight of such elements, which makes it possible to practice them for the manufacture of an all-terrain vehicle. For a measured stroke, the suspension system is carried out on shock absorbers, which additionally reduces the vibration of the body. In order to reduce fuel consumption and reduce resistance when driving through a territory with difficult conditions for movement, it is advisable to make an independent suspension system for each rear wheel individually. To prevent a greater level of swaying, it is necessary to tie the frame to the rear axle, for this, use hardened bolts, and for the connections to be elastic, use rubber inserts.

Detailed stages of transformation

Thanks to this simple method of alteration, you can get an excellent ATV that does not need a knurled road and is not afraid of sharp turns and slopes..

In total, it can be noted that with additional tools, materials, drawings, video tutorials and other things, the tiller can be completely retrained and “breathe new life into it”!

Nowadays, the tiller is not only a demanded agricultural machine. It is also the foundation for making a variety of homemade units. The category of the latter includes an all-terrain vehicle or, as it is also called, an ATV, as well as a karakat. Any of the mentioned motor vehicles will find application in regions with difficult climatic conditions and simply among adherents of extreme sports. You can create an ATV with your own hands from a tiller on pneumatics and tracks. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type.


The basic units used to create a 4×4 all-terrain vehicle, in addition to the tiller itself, are represented by the following components:

  • frame, which will be the basis of the unit;
  • rear axle for installing a second pair of wheels;
  • driver’s seat;
  • lighting devices that enable safe movement at night.

Such units are vehicles designed for one person. The average bearing capacity of motor vehicles is approximately 200 kilograms. The width of the chassis is determined by the required stability before overturning, but it is advisable to make it at least 1.1 meters. Among tillers with an engine, it is desirable to use units of the companies “Ugra”, “Neva”, maybe others with a capacity of 10 horsepower or more. Such characteristics of power are enough to move faster than 10 km / h. During movement along muddy roads on viscous or slippery ground, it drops to 2-3 km / h.

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Everyone who once created a tracked all-terrain vehicle on their own declares: the creation of tracks is the most difficult procedure..

The easiest way to make them is from car tires. This method is very profitable – durable and low-cost. The component is made in a closed circle, for this reason, a tire rupture cannot happen.

Let’s take a look at the guide to creating tracks, they can be done in two ways.

From car tire:

  • take the tire and cut the sides (use a sharp knife);
  • it is necessary to cut so that the bendable part with the protector remains.

From the conveyor belt:

  • cut off the desired piece of tape;
  • we sew the edges with a thread from a fishing line;
  • we fold into a ring, we sew the ends;
  • we fix the lugs on the made canvas, in their role we use plastic pipes with a diameter of at least 40 millimeters (cut along);
  • we fix the pipes to the canvas with screws.

Perhaps the above information will be useful if you have decided to create an all-terrain vehicle based on a tiller.

How To Use A Tiller (FULL Tutorial)

How to make an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller with your own hands, see the next video.

tiller is one of the most successful designs of agricultural technology. That is why craftsmen have learned to create on its basis other vehicles – swamp-going vehicles, caracats, etc. Despite the synonymy at first glance of these concepts, they all have their own nuances and are adapted to specific operating conditions. The similarities and differences between self-made modes of transport from small agricultural machinery will be discussed in this article..

Creation of a wheeled unit

First of all, it is advisable to equip standard engines with a reduction gearbox. This is due to the fact that the acceptable torque for both diesel engines and carburetor engines occurs at 80% of the maximum crankshaft rotation speed.

In addition, the motor must be equipped with a forced cooling system. The bottom line is that the movement will be carried out at low speeds, and the incoming air flow is not enough to create an operating temperature regime for the engine.

First, you need to create a frame that will be located between the front and rear axles. For this task, profile pipes with a square section are taken. These components are characterized by a high degree of rigidity. When using heavy motor vehicles of the “Neva” or “MTZ” type, rigid docking of the frame is often performed. Due to this, the all-terrain vehicle will come out in one volume.

Another option is to use the so-called fracture (breaking frame), which gives great advantages when operating the unit on terrain with rugged terrain. In such a situation, the connection will be made through the king pin. At the same time, both axles will be equipped with independent suspension..

To move through the forests for hunting, it is possible to make a swamp-going vehicle on the basis of a tiller, equipped with a breaking frame. Compared to all-terrain vehicles on a strict frame, it is endowed with a higher cross-country ability.

Features of creating a homemade snowmobile from a tiller with your own hands

Many craftsmen know that an agro-industrial machine like a tiller can easily transform into a snowmobile that allows you to successfully move off-road even on the most snowy days. Moreover, the process of alteration itself is quite simple and uncomplicated..

The main thing is to choose the right engine. Experienced owners of such “assistants” are advised to give preference to the device that has manual control and a towing device. In most cases, a class of tillers is used, the design of which provides for the use of a 4-stroke 1-cylinder gasoline engine with air cooling.

Tiller ATV: 4-Step Alteration

An ATV is a vehicle on four wheels, characterized by good cross-country ability, maneuverability and increased safety. Often, designers compare it to a 4-wheel motorcycle..

Homemade ATVs are most often recreated on the basis of powerful units of the “Neva” type. Step by step, this process looks like this:

After some simple manipulations, the ATV can be tested on a country road.

We create an all-terrain vehicle from a tiller with our own hands

It is worth noting that the very concept of “all-terrain vehicle” means a vehicle with high cross-country ability. An important fact: the all-terrain vehicle, the karakat and the pneumatic vehicle, the swamp vehicle are synonymous with only a few minor modifications. If a person manages to create a homemade mini-all-terrain vehicle, he will receive a real masterpiece that will become his pride. Before starting construction work, it is necessary to decide whether the device will be on tracks or on pneumatic wheels. An important point: it is much more difficult to create a tracked unit, and it requires special knowledge and physical effort to operate it. A powerful engine should also be prepared for installation. It doesn’t matter what it will be, diesel or gasoline, the main thing is that the part is powerful and equipped with forced water or air cooling.