How to place a tool on the wall in the garage

Using U-shaped rails with bent sides and appropriately shaped hooks it is possible to organize movable hangers. The distance between the elements is determined by the dimensions of mounted items.

From unnecessary pieces of plywood it is possible to assemble a roomy box with several compartments. It has room for oversized tools for different purposes. To give the product an aesthetic look, it is worth using paint.

Plywood tool and toolbox

ideas for getting your garage or home workshop in order

As soon as the storage system becomes not very convenient to maintain on a regular basis, the garage becomes a spontaneous warehouse again.
For storing tools in the garage, it is better to use open shelves. Very convenient if these shelves are removable.
In the garage of the workshop you need to place not only the usual set of tools of the motorist and home handyman, but, sometimes, and garden tools and camping equipment.
Make the most of the room’s full height. Plastic boxes under the ceiling and on the floor provide storage for the things you use from time to time.
The tool storage system in the garage uses the entire wall area as a stand. On the horizontal rails hang separate sections-shelves for storing tools and supplies.
Wooden rails are used here, but it is better to use metal pipes for this purpose. If the rail we see in the photo crumbles over time, a drawer full of heavy tools can fall right on your foot.
Such organizer for storing supplies can be made by yourself from sheets of plywood, which are connected by hinges in the form of a book.
A lockable toolbox for the home handyman will make it easy for him to keep the right order in the garage.
Metal nets are convenient for storing paint cans, bags of fertilizer, etc.п.
If you’re a pro, you’ll appreciate the thoughtful and convenient organization of order in this garage.
Metal rails and metal shelves not only guarantee safe tool storage, but are easy enough to clean.
It is inconvenient to keep power tools in a branded case, it is much more convenient to make such an open storage stand.
The owner in the garage a lot of necessary little things, and for each of them has its own way of storage.
Most tool storage methods are uncomplicated, yet still effective.
Very convenient design for storing consumables! The box of self-tapping screws you use is secured to a separate panel, and when you’re done, slide it into a common organizer.
Every owner has his or her own scope of activities and a different number of tools. But convenient work organization always makes you want to do something else. Don’t waste time cleaning up your garage.
Sliding panels as additional storage space for tools. Make sure they will work securely without getting stuck in the grooves, or this method of storage won’t be practical.
Simple and convenient. Store your tools wisely! If you do not have a garage, and all your tools you store in a small box on the balcony, even there you can organize a small work cabinet.
Continued for the lucky owners of the garage. Here’s a handy way to store clamps.
Some storage ideas can be spied at stores that sell tools.
But it’s not just tools in our garage. We have more pipes, strips, the right pieces of plywood and plastic.
It is not at all difficult to assemble such a ceiling construction from pipes and in your own garage.
The best way to store large sheets of plywood and drywall in the upright position.
Even a dozen boards can create a mess in the garage. Making a simple storage structure.
Another convenient way to store long pipes and all sorts of strips in the garage.
A small workbench can also serve as a storage area for boards and pieces of plywood.
It is not necessary to put the garage in order in one day. All of this can be done step by step.

How to put in order the tools in the shed or garage in bookmark 56

The most important thing to do when getting down to putting the garage in order. Before you start, think about what you want to get out of it.

Every handyman needs a place to keep all his tools and gardening equipment.

But often in a small workshop or garage it is quite difficult to place everything so that it is convenient to work, and often used tools at the same time were at hand. Our review will help you understand how to use the space in your garage more rationally.

For many car enthusiasts, the garage is not only a place to store the car, but also a real home workshop where tools and supplies are stored. So organizing space in this room is very important. It is not difficult to do if you know some subtleties.

Now that the shelves and workbench are ready, it’s time to organize it all into a single composition. Positioning shelves on the wall, you should immediately think about what exactly on them will be stored. It is best if the place for each specific thing in the garage will be strictly defined.

How to Make a Custom Tool Organization Board

Convenient forms for fasteners

The original shelf for power tools

If you do not want the door to knock against the wall knocking paint, wallpaper or putty is to attach a soft strip, such as foam rubber to the wall.

Furniture brackets

Many dacha owners use the garage to store folding outdoor furniture. So that it does not stand in the corners and do not take up much space, make a vertical rack for it with wooden or metal brackets and screw it to one of the free walls.

Bolts, nuts, nails, screws and other small things do not take up much space, but it is extremely inconvenient to store them in a mixed form. Jars with lids screwed to the bottom of a hinged cabinet or under a desk top will help keep these things in order.

Organizing space in the garage is as important a part of its arrangement as insulation, trim and protection from intruders. This room always serves as a workshop and storage room, where they keep tools, gardening and construction equipment, travel and fishing equipment, dacha supplies for the winter.

All the good should not just store somewhere, and rationally placed in a garage for convenient use, especially if the building is small. Proper tool storage in the garage will also keep you safe from accidents.

place, tool, wall, garage

Start by making a design project for the storage systems of your future workshop

If you spend a lot of time in your garage and are always tinkering with things, then you should consider setting up your own workshop. Put up a tool cabinet or board, put up a workbench and choose the right accessories from the GarageTek range.

See how we equipped the workshop in Ivan’s garage. The hero of the program Fazenda on Channel One from June 7, 2015, in which the company GarageTech arranged the garage for 2 cars. By properly zoning the space and placing tools in the workshop on the wall, we were able to create a comfortable place to work.

Build the garage of your dreams with GarageTek!

And fill it to your liking! Our tool mounts will help you with that.

What materials are used

It all depends on where and how you are going to place. If you are planning to build a large shelving unit for storing heavy objects (such as tires), then it will be optimal to use a steel construction. It can take any weight perfectly and will not lose its characteristics even when permanently exposed to damp or chemically active substances.

Aluminum is also good for less heavy objects. It can not cope as well with the weight loadings as steel, but it is fireproof and not afraid of moisture.

Of course, wood has fewer advantages compared to metal: easily spoiled, can swell with time or, conversely, dry out. But if you carry out a competent treatment of it, then such shelves will last long enough in the garage, and you will not have to complain about them.

Two nuances that everyone should be aware of:

  • To preserve the operational characteristics of the metal used before installation should be galvanized or treated with polymer paint so you protect the material from premature aging and corrosion;
  • If you are dealing with wood, then an obligatory point is the antiseptic treatment, which allows you to create a strong protective layer in case of direct contact with chemically active substances and to prevent fungus.

arranging the space

That little space that is in the garage with a standing car in it, you need to use the full, involving not only the floor and walls, but also the ceiling. Especially if the room is used not only as a parking lot.

Work table

Any garage self-made requires equipped space for the manufacture, so the first thing to establish a working table. a workbench. This element of the “furnishing” of any utility room, which is never redundant.

The minimum depth of the workbench table top is 60 cm, and the length can be any depending on the size of the garage and the needs of its owner. If the room has a sufficient width, the workbench is better placed along the side wall, and in a narrow and long garage. along the back, or make it a corner.

The design of the workbench is better to think through on your own and on site, to take into account all the available nuances. It can be just a work surface. stationary, hinged or folding. Or a full working table with shelves, drawers, shelves.

On the upper plane of the frame you can put a thick sheet of plywood and, if necessary, clad it with sheet iron.

Storage systems for tools

The most necessary homemade items in the garage are various racks and holders that help organize the convenient storage of tools and work materials. You can start with the equipment of a workbench.

Under him on the right side it is good to make shelves for storing the necessary small things, and for convenience install in them plywood boxes or strong plastic containers with thick walls. They can perfectly replace canisters from under the engine oil or other automotive liquids with a handle located in the upper part. They need to have one wide side wall cut out and put on the shelves with the handle outward.

Useful homemade crafts for the garage can also be made from scraps of plastic pipes of different diameters. For example, if you drill a series of through holes with a thick drill bit in a small-section water pipe and fix it to the wall on clips, such a homemade holder can store screwdrivers.

Thick-wall sewer pipes are more suitable for workbench equipment. In their short sections are sawed out with a jigsaw grooves and fastened under the tabletop as holders for electric and cordless tools. jigsaws, screwdrivers, drills.

For storage of hand tools is best to use the plane of the wall above the workplace. To replace store peorized panels with hooks and holders with success can be simple homemade in a private garage:

One of the main problems of the home craftsman is the careful storage of nails, self-tapping screws, drills, washers, and other small items. Under them, you can adapt transparent plastic containers or cans with a screw cap. So they do not take up space on the shelves, the lids are screwed to their lower plane.

Storing spare tires

Every car owner faces the problem of storing wheels during the seasonal change. There are many different shelves and brackets for this purpose in stores, but with a very inhumane price tag. Such devices for the garage have a simple design, which is not difficult to repeat and make their own hands.

What to do depends on whether you change the whole wheel and rims or just the tires. It is undesirable to put the wheels on the rib, they are stored lying down or suspended. And vice versa. tires without rims should be placed on special shelves.

To save space on the floor with a pile of stacked tires, it is better to hang tires and rims on the wall.

For “empty” tires make special brackets that resemble a shelf frame. The ideal material for their manufacture. a profile tube of small cross section or a metal angle. Connect them by welding or bolting. The bolt connection allows you to make the shelf foldable.

The length of the shelf is chosen according to the number of wheels, with a small margin for easy stowage. And the depth is less than their diameter, otherwise they will simply fail down. It is very important to find a place for this homemade for home and garage, where the sunlight does not fall, from prolonged exposure to which the rubber deteriorates.

If you do not know what the storage system for the garage should look like. below you can get ideas for organization.

Tool board

The easiest system to store most tools. Tool board is a wooden or metal sheet with holes and pins. These are what tools cling to, which is very convenient.

How to use it? Note the handles of your adjustable wrenches, hammers, angles or brushes. They have a through hole, by which you can hang the equipment. For hammers, two pins are put next to it, and it is hooked to the “head”. Pliers, pliers similar tools are hooked by the place of the vault of the handles.

To store drills, screwdrivers, and other small things put shelves. Many commercially available panels have stands “out of the box”. If you make it yourself. you can screw it on self-tapping screws.

The tool panel is easy to make: take plywood, mark out and screw in self-tapping screws. All that remains is to hang it on the wall or make a frame.

Here’s what a homemade tool rack looks like.

place, tool, wall, garage

Plastic containers

A hardware storage system should be close at hand, which means it needs to be compact. Plastic containers like these are sold in stores. They easily fit into the garage workspace and do not get in the way.

If you constantly have to work with a bunch of different fasteners, use these plastic containers. This type of organizer for self-tapping screws is good for temporary storage.

By the way, you can find such tool stands on sale, where there are mountings for such containers.

You can save a lot of money and make an organizer for drills and hardware with your own hands. Cut plastic jerrycans for it, as on the photo.

Organizational Drawers

Organizers for storing tools are handy if you need somewhere to keep a bunch of supplies and small items. The following varieties are on sale:

  • A wrench organizer. Often they are sold in cloth packaging, which is inconvenient for storage. In this case it will be more correct to buy a rack, which is screwed to the wall.
  • . It is possible to order such plastic holders from China. They are convenient, but they do not last long. All the parts are made of plastic, so the tool storage system will not last long.

If you need a multifunctional tool organizer on the wall buy this shelf. It is multifunctional and you can store pliers, screwdrivers and drills here.

Many people have old tool cases that they have nowhere to put them. To them you can make a tray with their own hands, so that nothing falls out. In this video you will find an inst

A rack for garden tools

Not only working tools take up space in the garage. Do not forget about garden tools, which always take up a lot of space, and putting them in a storage box does not work.

However, it’s easy to solve this problem. to allocate one wall for garden tools. But here are ideas on how you can place them:

  • A purchased rack. They are not very expensive and are sold in all construction stores. They are convenient because you can place the tool nicely. The minus of the purchased rack in its inflexibility. You can’t add more tool compartments, and you have to buy another wall mount.
  • Homemade rack from PVC pipes. Cheap and “cordial”. To make it, you need to set the bar near the floor. At a certain height to the wall to screw PVC pipe clippings. The handle will rest on the bar, and the cuttings will not let it fall off.
  • Hooks. Ordinary furniture hooks will help to place the equipment nicely on the wall. Can be installed at any height. Hooks can be added as needed and don’t take up much space.

Magnetic tape

If you want to have a garage tool always at hand. buy a magnetic strip. It’s cheap, sold in all stores. Tapes of different lengths are available.

Pay attention to the strength of the magnet. Some bands are only good for screwdrivers and other small things. Relatively expensive can hold hammers over a kilogram, wrenches, etc.