How to properly line your lawn mower

Types of trimmer line

As a rule, line separation is based on different sample diameters, which can vary from 1.2 to 4 mm. The most commonly used material is a material with a thickness of 2 mm, but in no case should we forget that the choice should depend primarily on the trimmer model..

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There is one main rule here: the more power the apparatus has, the thicker the line should be..

This element can also differ in the type of its section. So, it can be round (suitable for cutting plain grass) or square (for mowing soft green cover), sharp edges (tall grass) or be equipped with notches ideal for thin grass in diameter..

Do not forget that with the help of a fishing line it is allowed to mow only grass, and for other, coarser vegetation, it is imperative to use knives..

Next, you should take a closer look at the process of how to insert the line into the trimmer correctly. Indeed, it is with this procedure that many consumers often have difficulties..

What is a trimmer?

This equipment is based on the following elements:

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  • motor, the main function of which is to rotate the cutting head at the end of the rod;
  • directly the head, consisting of a coil, on which either a fishing line or a knife can be wound;
  • knives or fishing line rotating at high speed, which are the main cutting part of the device, how to load the fishing line into the trimmer will go a little further.

An electric device is inferior in its power to a gasoline one, so it is ideal for working on a standard plot of land that is adjacent to a house with a source of electrical energy. The main positive aspects of such equipment are the absence of noise during operation, light weight, ease of use and, of course, environmental friendliness..

As for gasoline trimmers, such equipment, of course, is more mobile, so it can be safely transported from place to place and get rid of annoying vegetation in any area. There is no need to use electricity here, which has a positive effect on the functionality of such an apparatus – the cutting attachments can be changed, working with weeds of various types.

One of the most common attachments is the fishing line, so you should dwell on this element in more detail..

How to tuck the line into the trimmer?

Any machine for mowing vegetation is necessarily equipped with a spool, which, in turn, may differ in different models by the filament feeding system (automatic, semi-automatic and manual). It is from this parameter that it is worth starting from before deciding how to fill the line into the trimmer.

In order to tuck the line into the trimmer, you need to take at least 5 meters of material, which is then folded in half. The center of the cutting element must be inserted into a specially designated place, and then the cutting attachment must be wound using the visual cues on the spool indicating the direction. At the end of all the work, the lid, of course, will need to be tightened.

How do I fit the line into the trimmer? Operating tips

The trimmer is an excellent modern device designed for mowing unnecessary grass, and its main advantage is that this technique can be used in those places where an ordinary lawn mower will simply not be able to reach due to its massiveness. It is necessary to understand in more detail what trimmers are, and how to choose the best option for a particular suburban area.

Line adjustment

One of the main rules when replacing and adjusting equipment is that any manipulations with the mechanism should be carried out exclusively with the engine off and the device plug disconnected from the mains..

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Perhaps these tips will tell you how to tuck the line into the trimmer as correctly as possible and, accordingly, give your site a neat and aesthetic appearance. All that is required is to correctly select the cutting material required by the type and, of course, to determine the category of the most used trimmer.

How to change the line on the trimmer

Below we have provided step-by-step instructions for replacing the trimmer thread..

The first thing to do is to unplug the tool and turn off the engine. Then you need to remove the trimmer head. This can be done using a simple screwdriver and dropping it into the hole of the gearbox to prevent the shaft from turning. And then just unscrew

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They are usually unscrewed in a clockwise direction, but different models have different mechanisms, so it may have to be turned in the opposite direction. But if suddenly, for some reason, you cannot figure it out, then we strongly recommend that you refer to the user manual to understand how to disconnect it.

Second. After removing the mowing head, open it. This can be done by means of clamps that are located opposite each other. By pressing on them, you can remove the head cover, and then pull out the spool on which the line is wound. By pulling it out, you can determine what type it belongs to. There are bobbins one-piece and two-piece

We analyze how to thread the line into the trimmer spool in two versions

So, there is only one option – we load the line into a single-section reel. The prepared piece of thread is folded in half and pushed into the spool. Then, we begin to wind both ends in the same direction, which will be indicated by the arrow on the spool. At the end of winding, do not forget to make sure that different ends of the thread are looking in different directions.

Option two – winding the line with a two-piece reel. The pre-prepared thread is divided into two parts, and its ends must be fixed: this must be done by placing them in special fasteners

Winding is carried out, as in the first case, along the arrow indicated on the spool. Both segments should be wound so that they do not cross. Further, the ends of the thread should be fixed in the grooves and divorced on opposite sides.

The spring is then inserted into the reel and the whole thing is placed in the mowing head. When placing the spool in the trimmer, you need to gently hold the spring parallel while inserting the line into the slots on the mower head. And in the end, it just needs to be secured with the final part, that is, with a lid..

After threading the trimmer, you need to check it. If you did everything correctly, everything will work, but if you make a mistake, we recommend that you read the article again, or even better, if you watch the video on how to install a line on a reel in a trimmer.

How to remove the line from the trimmer spool

Over time, the cutting element of the head wears out, and it becomes necessary to pull out the remnants of the old line. Not everyone knows how to do this. Our step-by-step instructions plus a video on how to pull the thread from the trimmer spool, which you can find on the net, will help in solving this issue.

It is necessary to disassemble the mowing head

Remove the cover using the clips

We clean the remnants of cutting material

Hard ? Of course not. But if, nevertheless, doubts creep into you that for some reason you cannot do this, then of course find and watch the video how to pull out or how to wind the thread on the reel of lawn mowers.

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How to wind the line onto the trimmer spool

05 July 2018

The trimmer is a great solution for those who have a large garden or lawn near the house that needs to be constantly trimmed. But like any other tool, sometimes it requires intervention. After some time, it will become necessary to replace certain elements, and this will have to be learned.

How can this be done? To replace the main cutting element, you must first select it correctly. In principle, the instruction manual for lawn mowers should indicate the diameter of the thread to be used in it..

When you have acquired the required cutting element, try to install it correctly. It should be noted that there are a huge number of videos on the Internet that will help you figure out how to properly thread the line into the trimmer coil..

How to replace the line on an electric trimmer

In fact, it makes no difference which oblique you use, be it electric or gasoline. Threading is the same. The only difference is that if you use a gas streamer, you get more freedom, since you are not limited by the cable that is present on the electric streamer.

Yes, do not hesitate to use the special videos on installing or threading the line in an electric scooter, which can teach you much faster than simple reading..

Winding Algorithm

Insert the resulting loop into the groove.

Lay the line in the direction indicated on the element body.

Insert the short end into the slot on the side of the spool.

Secure the long end in the opposite groove.

Place the spool of coiled line into the spool body.

Pull the line out of the locking grooves.

Put on the cover and fix.

Trim the ends of the line, leaving 10 to 15 centimeters.

The replacement of the line is completed and now it remains only to screw the bobbin onto the trimmer and you can work.

How to choose a fishing line – length, diameter, restrictions

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER! Do not use fishing line or metal cables for the trimmer. This replacement is ineffective and dangerous. The rope can injure not only the mower himself, but also those around him..

As for the length, you should rely on the estimated frequency of use of the trimmer. The more often, the more it costs to stock up expenses.

Information about the possible line diameter can be found on the body trimmer spools. Most likely, the range will be indicated there. The thickness varies from 1.2 to 4 mm. Choose the appropriate option, taking into account the characteristics of the cultivated area. The larger the diameter, the easier it is to mow tough grass.

How to wind the line onto the trimmer spool

Preparation – remove and disassemble the spool

On most electric and petrol trims, you will need to remove the spool to replace the line. The FUBAG tool lets you skip this step. To make the instruction universal, we will still consider it in detail:

1. Secure the shaft. Insert the locking element into the corresponding hole. It can be a thin screwdriver or a metal rod..

2. Unscrew the bobbin case. In our example – strictly in the clockwise direction.

3. Unscrew the cover according to the direction indicated on the body.

4. Remove the coil for winding.

The preparatory stage has been passed. You can proceed to winding the fishing line.

How to Wrap the Line on a Trimmer Spool Correctly – Step-by-Step Guide VIDEO

ATTENTION! Typical line problems

No wonder they say: “Forewarned is forearmed“. Knowing about possible problems and the causes of their occurrence, you can prevent them in time. We recommend to remember or leave a memo.

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Problem Cause Decision
Line break Stones, branches and solid objects in the grass Avoid collision
Poor cord quality Replace with a quality analogue
Head outlet wear Complete replacement of part required
The line is unwound The spring in the coil is weakened Check spring and replace if damaged
The line is sticking Poor line quality, due to which it can melt under the influence of temperature from the heating head Reel in less line or replace with a better line

For a better understanding of the mechanism of the process of changing the line in the spool with a video guide prepared by FUBAG specialists:

Do not do this!

Not to mention the enormous strain on the engine, breaking the cable can have serious consequences for your limbs. It is better to use the recommended consumables than to become a patient of a surgeon.

If you really need to mow heavily overgrown lawns, manufacturers offer special consumables with increased surface area. In this case, the thinner fishing line is braided into a kind of pigtail. Maintains normal thickness, but improves efficiency.

Let’s get started

Before you can properly tuck the line into the trimmer, you need to cut off the right amount of it. Do not be greedy, as for the first time, even five meters is enough for training. To do this, the protective cover is removed from the trimmer coil, and one end of the line is clamped in a special clip (or slot).

You need to reel evenly, trying not to overtighten. In general, you need to fill the spool until the line layer is equal to the edge of the spool. It should not lie too tightly, slightly straightening after putting on the casing.

We will learn how to properly tuck the line into the trimmer

Short introduction

To begin with, it must be said that knives or fishing line can be used as a cutting element in trimmers. Both types have their advantages and disadvantages..

So, knives are much better at dealing with shrubs and dry wheatgrass, but polymer thread is much cheaper and more affordable. In addition, the 4 mm trimmer line also allows you to cut fairly tough grass. Of course, it cannot be compared with a knife, but the efficiency is also not bad..

Note that even in the latter case, you need to know exactly what its diameter is used in your trimmer. Manufacturers do not take all the values ​​from the ceiling: if you take a larger fishing line, then you will greatly overload the engine, which may well cause the latter to fail..

Finishing work

Then the remaining end of the line is threaded through the hole in the protective cover. After that, the reel and its protective cover are connected, and this time a piece of fishing line is threaded into the hole on the protective cover..

The assembly is pushed onto the trimmer by turning clockwise until a clearly audible click is heard. By the way, before you install the line on the trimmer, figure it out better with its design. Otherwise, you can easily break something..

That’s all. The tool is put into working position, turned on, after which the extra piece of fishing line is cut by itself on a specially made blade.

So you learned how to properly tuck the line into the trimmer!