How to turn on a Bosch schott ceran stove

SCHOTT introduces an environmentally friendly glass ceramic hob, which is free of toxic heavy metals like arsenic and antimony. It consists mainly of quartz sand, which is ubiquitous in nature in almost inexhaustible quantities.

To release the lock it is necessary to press and hold the corresponding button on the touch panel or put the switch back. The cleaning pause function is triggered by a separate button. After activation, the touch panel locks for 30 seconds.

  • Press and hold the “key” button for 3 to 6 seconds.
  • If the temperature reaches 50° C, the stove automatically locks itself and the “Lock” sign appears on the display.
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First select the burner you want to turn on. If the hob does not have an electric ignition, then bring a lit match to the flare and turn slightly the desired relay counterclockwise. Once the burner is lit, adjust the flame to the desired size.

  • Press and hold the “key” button for between 3-6 seconds.
  • In most cases, when the temperature reaches 50°C, the hob automatically locks and the “Lock” sign appears on its display.
  • You can press the plus and minus buttons simultaneously before unlocking the hob.

SCHOTT introduces an environmentally friendly glass ceramic cooktop that is free of toxic heavy metals such as arsenic and antimony. It consists mainly of quartz sand, which is ubiquitous in nature in almost inexhaustible quantities.

Turning the hob on and off is done via the main switch. Switching on: Touch the “On/Off” symbol. A beep sounds. The indicator light of the main switch and the burner lights come on.

To turn on the hob, you need to find the corresponding button on the control panel and then select its power (usually marked with a number from 1 (the smallest) to 3 (the largest). Usually there is a small diagram next to the touch panel which shows which button is responsible for which cooking zone.

When the child lock is activated, the cart is locked when the temperature rises to 50 degrees or higher. At the same time, you will see the “lock” symbol on the indicator. To unlock, press the “key” button. Hold it down until the key and text on the display goes out.

Off: Touch the “On/Off” symbol until the light goes out. All burners are switched off. The residual heat indicator light is on until the burners have cooled down enough. Note: The hob shuts off automatically if all the burners are switched off for more than 20 seconds.

How to unlock the hob

Learn how to take care of your glass ceramic and tempered glass cooktop using specific cleaning products and homemade detergents.

Switching on the Beko gas stove is made by turning the first of the above controls, namely by turning the regulator; to start work, you must press the regulator and turn it to the left in a circle. counterclockwise, without releasing it for a short time (usually 3-5 seconds); during this time, the ignition electro-mechanism will work, the gas

Switch off the induction hob at the end of cooking by means of the control panel (select “Switch off”), if present. If not equipped with a display, the appliance is switched off with the “On/Off” button./Off” button to be held down for a few seconds until the hob shuts off.

Turn on the hob by pressing the button for about one second. With 0 to 9 power selection buttons. To activate one of the cooking zones, press the corresponding button and set the desired power using the power selection buttons from 0 to 9.

It is worth getting a cleaning spatula.

You can remove coarse dirt easily and safely with a vitrified clay hob cleaning spatula. the first step in cleaning a CERAN hob Ideal is to use a metal spatula. It does not ignite or melt. Easy locking and unlocking protects you from injury. The blade must be straight and stable, non-slip. And, of course, clean, free of rust and damage. A quality seal such as the TÜV-GS certifies the quality of a tested product. The same is true for the application and safety instructions that are ideally included.

Here’s what to do.

We took the greatest possible care in the manufacture of your glass ceramic hob. With proper care, you can enjoy a flawless surface every day for a long time. Keep the following in mind:

  • It is best to clean your SCHOTT CERAN hob after each meal.
  • Carefully remove larger debris with a metal scraper.
  • Now drop a few drops of detergent and wipe with a paper towel. SCHOTT CERAN Cleaner is ideal
  • After that, wipe the hob with a clean cloth and rub it until it is completely dry. Done!

Materials such as aluminum foil, plastic or sugar should be removed immediately with a metal spatula.

What not to do.

Despite the high durability of SCHOTT CERAN hobs, you should avoid the following mistakes. Otherwise you could scratch and irreparably damage the glass ceramic.

Bosch TouchSelect QuickStart

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  • Do not use metallic sponges and abrasives.
  • Avoid chemically aggressive cleaning agents such as stove sprays and stain removers.
  • Most cleaning agents are not suitable for the panel and can damage the glass ceramic, therefore we recommend the use of products approved by SCHOTT CERAN
  • If aluminium foil, sugar or plastic parts come into contact with the cooking surface: do not let them cool down, but use a metal spatula to remove them immediately.

Do not use a glass ceramic hob as a cooking surface. Fine sand grains, for example, can leave scratches. The hob must be thoroughly cleaned of any food residue that may have adhered to it.