Kwt ws 11 wire stripper

Automatic multifunctional stripper with microtuning screw, with “CutPro” module

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You can do this with our WS-05, WS-09, WS-20 and WS-21 wire strippers. These tools are equipped with a special V-shaped blade for sheath removal from round cables like PVS or NYM. In addition, the models WS-20 and WS-21 have a separate module for longitudinal cutting of round cables.

If you are worried about the result, it is better not to crimp the tips with stripping tools, but with special crimping pliers designed for this purpose. But, as a last resort, if there is a strong need to crimp a ferrule, these profiles can also be used. They are designed for different types of lugs, depending on the stripper‘s model. insulated, bushing, copper of small cross-sections, auto-terminals, a number of specific connectors. But you can’t get good results with these.

КВТ WS-11. Автоматический съемник изоляции #18. Ящик с инструментом

This problem occurs most often with low-quality wire. If you look at the wire from the end, the current carrying core should be centered in the insulation. If it is, as is often the case, offset to the side, it is more likely to be damaged when stripping with hand strippers. In that case, it is better to use automatic models of the tool, or try the larger Caliber next door.

It is not advisable to strip or cut live cable with any tool at all. Before any work, the line must be de-energized, but if such a need exists, or if there is no guarantee that no one will energize the line while you are working on the wire, then you should only use special insulated tools that allow you to work at voltages up to 1000 V.

Such tools are most often imported. And in most countries wire cross-sections are denoted by the American AWG standard, which in principle denotes absolutely no relation to cross-sections in mm². For example, 0.5mm² AWG is referred to as 20. The higher the number, the smaller the cross section of the wire. For details please refer to. “Translation table of cable cross-sections from AWG to SI system”.

Tool for stripping WS-11 (KVT)

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Tool for stripping WS-11 (KVT)

Tool WS-11 (KVT) for stripping insulation from wires 0.05-10mm2.Cutting of wires cross-section up to 10 mm2.Strip flat conductors VVG-P, PUNP.Crimp terminals 0.5-6.0 mm2

In the standard 0 range.2-6 mm2: automatic adjustment to the correct size and thickness of wire insulation

In the micro-range of wires from 0.05 mm2 and for 10 mm2 cross-sections a micro-tuning screw is used

Stripping of solid and stranded conductors without damaging the conductor

Reinforced clamping jaws with 13 mm gripping width

Window for release of insulation cuttings so that the stripped insulation does not get stuck in the mechanism

Multi-wire stripping in one motion, thanks to wide clamping jaws

Partial stripping function. Notch and Offset. Strip from the middle of a wire

Built-in “CutPro” module for cutting wires.

Professional-grade stainless steel blades in place of the sharpened metal blade on the right handle on the WS-04 and WS-07

Two rails to prevent the tool from coming loose and the cutting blade from tilting

Two built-in return springs with extended service life

Metal flanging of the protective cover of the mechanism

Detachable all-metal zinc alloy stripping length adjuster

Ergonomic two-piece handles with rubberized inserts of non-slip material

KVT WS-11 stripping tool

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  • 4 в 1:
  • stripping wires insulation 0.0510 mm 2
  • wire stripper with cross section up to 10 mm 2
  • Stripping flat wires VVG-P, PUNP
  • crimping terminals 0.56.0 mm 2

KVT WS-11 stripper for stripping wires insulation from 0,05-10,0 mm2


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KVT tool WS-11

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Replacement knives no
Minimum wire cross section 0.05
Auto-tuning function no
Maximum cross section of wire 10
Min cable diameter 0.05 mm
gross weight 0.4 kg
Cutting diameter adjustment yes
Cutting depth adjustment no
Max cable diameter 15 mm
Type tongs

KVT WS-11 stripping tool: 0.05-10 mm2, cutting up to 10 mm2, stripping VVG-P, PUNP, crimping

4 in 1:stripping insulation from 0.05-10 mm2 wire cutting up to 10 mm2wire sheathing from flat wires VVG-P, PUNPressing of lugs 0.5-6.0 mm2 standard range 0.2-6.0 mm2: automatic adjustment to the correct size and thickness of wire insulationIn the micro-range of wires from 0.05 mm2 and 10 mm2 cross-section with microadjustment screwHeated clamping jaws 13 mm gripping widthA window for stripping insulation strips so they don’t get stuck in the mechanismSingle wire stripping in one step with wide clamping jawsPartial stripping function. Notching and shifting. Middle wire strippingCutPro built-in wire cutting module. Professional stainless steel blades instead of the sharpened section on the metal body of the right handle in the WS-04 and WS-07 modelsTwo guides to protect the tool from loosening and the cutting blades from warpingTwo built-in return springs with extended operating lifeTips pressed types: Uninsulated lugs and auto-crimp double crimp terminalsMetal flanging of the mechanism’s protective coverRemovable stripping length adjuster with screw that locks the adjuster positionNew ergonomic handles with increased area of non-slip rubberized materialA hole on the handle for attaching tool to carabinerWeight: 360 gLength: 206 mm

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