Makita Drill Review Makita Drill Review

Best Makita Screwdrivers

Electric screwdriver today is one of the most popular and popular tools. One of the most famous in this field is the Japanese brand Makita, known not only for its screwdrivers, but also other quality equipment for repairs and other works. The best Makita screwdrivers are designed to offer maximum comfort, efficiency and a long service life without the need for repair. When choosing the optimal model of this manufacturer can help the review, which describes the best to date options.

Makita DF333DZ

One of the lightest screwdrivers with a quick-release chuck, the Makita DF333DZ weighs only 1.1 kg. At the same time it has everything you need for quality work. above the power button there is a spot LED backlight, there is a speed switch, torque control and a trigger lock. Sold without batteries and charger, it is a popular choice among professional users.

Thus, Makita DF333DZ has an excellent opportunity to displace from circulation obsolete and decently worn models, which still retain their performance. And owners like it too. why buy a battery and charger when your old batteries are still in good working order? In addition, the purchase at an affordable price professional electric screwdriver is the best way to upgrade your working tool.

makita, drill, review

Top 12 best impact drills

An impact drill is one of the most versatile power tools needed both in the home and in full-scale construction. The popularity of the device is due to a wide range of possibilities:

  • Drilling holes in wood and metal, ceramics, glass;
  • Drilling concrete, brick, natural or artificial stone;
  • Polishing, sanding and deburring various surfaces;
  • Mixing of various paints, construction and adhesive mixtures;
  • Screwing screws and self-tapping screws.

In practice, the area of use depends on the technical characteristics, such as power, number of revolutions, adjustment range. The machine class also matters. professional machines are always more robust and provide better performance than home office and semi-professional drills.

Our editorial team has reviewed the ten drills with the best cost/performance ratio. Each rating participant was marked not only by experts, but also by real customers, whose reviews helped to deeply disclose all advantages and disadvantages of the machines.

Bosch UniversalImpact 800 Case 800W

One of the best impact drills in terms of reliability, made in a traditional, branded layout. Its body is covered with soft non-slip coating at the points of contact with the operator’s hand, the lock button and mode switch are recessed, and the speed regulator is located on the start button. But the manufacturer paid special attention to the functionality and safety of the tool. Speed Preselection system allows choosing the speed suitable for the material to be processed, and Constant Speed automatically holds it at the set value. In case of a jammed tool the electronic system will switch off the motor completely and the chuck will stop. Users say that this impact drill is ideal for home use.

  • high power;
  • electronic control systems;
  • Good vibration damping system;
  • safety features;
  • Quick-action chuck;
  • Smooth speed adjustment;
  • case.

Makita HP2070F 1010W

The most powerful drill in the rating has not only outstanding technical characteristics, but also functionality. Punching mode allows you to drill quickly in concrete, and the reduced speed and electronic speed control significantly increases the scope of application. For ease of operation in poorly lit areas, the drill has a bright, spotlighted handle that covers the entire work area. As the tool belongs to the professional category, the manufacturer has taken care of its reliability. All switches are recessed deep in the chassis and will not be damaged if dropped or otherwise mechanically impacted. The sturdy key-chuck, double-winding, current limiting and heavy-duty hammer action also extend the service life of the drill.

  • high power;
  • two-speed gearbox;
  • backlight of the working area;
  • low weight and compact size;
  • soft start;
  • good dust protection.

DeWALT DWD024 750W

On the reliability of the drill DeWALT DWD024 is virtually unparalleled. Good power reserve, double insulation, high-quality components allow using the tool at a construction site all day long. According to customer reviews, the drill can be used not only for drilling, but also for screwing screws and other non-profile tasks. Comfortable handle shape and intelligently distributed weight simplify the operator’s work by reducing the load. Many owners also pay attention to the absence of axial play and chuck runout. But a shorter and more rigid power cord, which is used in latest models, got a lot of negative feedback.

Makita HP1640 680 W

Popular impact drill became so for its combination of power and weight. Weighs just over 1.5 kg, the tool has significant torque ratings and delivers 44800 rpm. Such a frequency of blows significantly increased the productivity of drilling in concrete and brought the drill closer to the lightweight peorators in terms of drilling speed. As follows from the reviews, there are no objective shortcomings of this model. Ease of use and reliability was evaluated by the owners on the five. Noise and vibrations during operation are minimal, and the build quality fully meets the high standards of equipment intended for the professional sphere.

  • performance;
  • price-performance ratio;
  • speed regulation by pressure force;
  • brush reverser;
  • No noise and vibration.

Metabo SBE 650 (BZP) 650 W

Robust professional drill with impact mechanism and quick-action chuck suitable for drilling in wood, metal and concrete. It is also designed to be used as an electric screwdriver, with hexagonal tooling. The drill is powerful enough in spite of its small dimensions. Integrated Vario function, serves to maintain speed in accordance with the material to be processed. Variable speed between 0 and 2800 rpm. Reliable motor that does not overheat, permits temporary overload.

  • range of speed settings;
  • Reliable tool retention in the chuck;
  • rubber-coated handle;
  • It can be used to drive screws;
  • metal drilling depth stop.

Bosch GSB 13 RE (VVP) 600 W

The time-tested compact drill from the renowned manufacturer has proven itself only at its best in more than a decade of production. Structurally, it does not stand out against modern tools equipped with a huge number of auxiliary electronics, but in terms of reliability it offers significant advantages. On sale are two versions of an impact drill, the first comes with a metal chuck, the second. keyless. This allows customers to choose the tool according to individual preferences or production needs.

  • Infinitely adjustable;
  • long cord;
  • two options;
  • Excellent build quality;
  • professional series;
  • high durability.

AEG SBE 750 RE 750 W

The best professional drill at an affordable price. Even the exterior design clearly indicates that the tool belongs to the industrial class. Large anti-slip surface protects the housing from damage and gives the operator a firm grip. The oversized gearbox rising above the motor for high torque of 27 N.among the best in a compact drill. The solid, metal chuck with two heavy-duty sleeves hidden underneath is also a real eye-catcher. In the combination of price and quality this is the most successful model, according to most owners.

  • moderate cost;
  • high torque;
  • reinforced BZP;
  • Reliability of the basic power mechanisms;
  • handy toolbox with accessories;
  • long service life of the hammer mechanism.

Kolner KID 1000V 1000 W

Powerful drill from the Russian trademark Kolner stands out for its technical indicators, low price and quality of good domestic level. Torque of its kilowatt motor is enough to use core bits, feather drills and other massive tooling at work. Impact frequency is also high, at 48,000 bpm, to help drill through brick, concrete, and stone at the speed of a small torch. At home, this impact drill is ideal, it allows you to perform a wide range of household and construction tasks. However, for cost reasons, the tool has been simplified and does not have a downward speed.

Zubr ZDU-780 ERKM2 780 W

A good home impact drill is good for small construction and household chores. Beneath the robust housing is a modern brushed electric motor and gear box with a wear-resistant hammer mechanism. Adjustable drill speed depending on how hard the trigger is pressed, allowing you to choose the speed more accurately. For ease of storage and transportation tool is equipped with a case with recesses for different accessories. And the standard-sized neck makes it possible to operate the drill in a rack, as a drilling machine. According to the owner’s feedback, the tool does not have any specific disadvantages, but slight axis run-out complicates the work with small-diameter drill bits.

  • continuously adjustable from 0 to 3000 rpm;
  • small dimensions;
  • Excellent choice for home use;
  • has a carrying case;
  • chuck up to 13 mm.

Interskol DU-580ER 580 W

Compact drill with impact function, on the reliability, is not inferior to a more professional tool with high power, as confirmed by the numerous positive reviews. This model has been produced for almost ten years, and its design is still relevant today. Small dimensions provide an opportunity to drill in places where maneuverability is limited, and low weight does not tire the operator while working with one hand. Impact mechanism in it rather an option, however, to drill holes for a dowel plug to 8-10 mm, for the drill is not particularly difficult. From the negative moments of exploitation the owners noted the rapid failure of the start button and the fragility of the power cord.

  • low weight;
  • short body;
  • high service life;
  • It withstands considerable loads well;
  • dust-protected winding.


Inexpensive but reliable tool from the Russian manufacturer, becoming more and more popular. The DU 650REK is the best impact drill for home use from the brand’s lineup. Optimal combination of ergonomics and technical features, gives this drill the flexibility you need for equipment of this class. It can drill wood, metal, concrete and other durable materials. Use for screwing self-tapping screws and mixing paints, mortars and glues. Power of the tool is average, but, according to owners’ reviews, it is enough to use in the home with reserve. Roomy case in which you can put all the necessary equipment makes operation of the drill even more comfortable.

  • Cable length of 3 m;
  • convenient design;
  • smooth mode switching;
  • reliable chuck;
  • the price-performance ratio;
  • the kit has a case.

Bort BSM-900U-Q 900 W

A good household impact drill, according to reviews, not only copes well with the work in the home, but also in professional conditions. This is a weighty and powerful tool with good technical characteristics and a familiar, traditional design. The drill can drill freely through different materials, such as plastic, wood and metal, mixes paints and other coatings, drills lightweight concrete and masonry without complaining. Users appreciated and convenience. the tool is comfortable in their hands, thanks to the 900 watts of power does not require physical effort during work and practically does not vibrate. Handle with storage compartment for accessories. From the disadvantages of buyers noted the quick start, so when working with self-tapping screws, it is ineffective. Concrete ceilings are also difficult, but the temporary overloads are no problem.

Top 5 Best Makita Drills Review In 2021

makita, drill, review

What it is?

This device is known to punch holes in various materials. The Makita drill can handle drywall sheets, concrete surfaces, metal structures and much more. For the basic function of any electric drill, there are drill holes for fastening the drill bit. The size of the drill bit is selected according to the size of the hole to be drilled.

For specific tasks, the drill must be compatible with special types of drill bits. But in some cases this device is used for mixing wallpaper glue, plaster, construction paint and putty.

The best craftsman tool. a Makita drill

First of all, the buyer is interested in the performance characteristics of a Makita drill. What amount of work the machine will do depends on the power of the motor. You need to know the maximum diameter of holes in steel concrete or wood to be drilled.

All drill models are divided into percussion and nonpercussion, into cordless and cordless. Perfect tools have not yet been invented, and every Makita drill has advantages and disadvantages.

Impact drills quickly drill holes in metal, concrete, stone, but they break down fibrous wood. Impactless tools are softer to drill, they can be used as screwdrivers. Typically, impact drills are reversible, allowing not only screwing in but also unscrewing.

Corded machines are lighter, but the 2-meter electrical cord is tied to the outlet and cannot be extended until the end of the warranty period. Russian conditions with unstable mains voltage also require a voltage regulator.

Cordless screwdrivers are mobile, working independently of mains availability, performing the same functions. Makita drills are equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries and have short recharge times. Often comes with a model that includes a backup power supply.

Drill is a high-risk tool. Maybe that’s why manufacturers limit the length of the cord, so that the device is always under control, and the cord is in sight?

Makita has a lock on its models to prevent them from being switched on accidentally. All Makita drills have rock-switch switches. when you lower the switch, it stops the drill from turning.

When choosing a drill, you should pay attention to other characteristics:

    – Cam or quick-clamp;

  • Number of speeds. a one-speed drill is lighter and cheaper;
  • body material: plastic or metal.

Review of the Makita HP1630 Impact Drill

Hello! Today I would like to tell about one of my purchases in ONLINE TRADE.RU. Makita HP1630 impact drill. It was bought in the midst of another repair in the apartment to replace the untimely death of another manufacturer’s machine. Why I chose a Makita? Now I will tell.

  • Old trusted brand. 101 years on the market.
  • The tool is not made in China, but in Romania. Some Europe.
  • Extensive network of service centers and saturation of the market with expendable parts (motor brushes, for example). I don’t know how useful it can be, but the tool from this company has been working without interruption for years under extreme conditions, as I have seen for myself.

The Makita HP1630 draws 710 watts of power, reaches a maximum of 3,200 rpm, and delivers 44,800 blows per minute. Pretty good performance for a budget drill, at least enough power for easy drilling of bricks, and more complicated. the drill is made of concrete (but it is the drill that plays a big role in this matter).

Three-jaw key steel chuck is used as tool mount (maximum clamping diameter. 13mm)

On the wire near the handle there is a plastic socket for fixing the key from the chuck, so that it is not lost (I have this frequent problem).

Handle of the drill is made anatomically comfortable SoftTouch plastic with rubber inlays in places of friction with the brush.

Gear case is made of dural, which is characteristic for a serious tool. This allows for better heat dissipation from the motor, allowing it to run longer than drills with plastic encased gearbox housing.

Convenient mode switch on top of the machine (drilling). drilling with impact), which reliably locks in both positions.

Electronic adjustments for speed and number of strokes per minute are included in this model. The switch itself is big and handy, it has a latching button in the on position, and above the button there is a flag for switching from forward stroke to reverse stroke.

This model is also equipped with a second lever for extra support during heavy drilling.

Conclusion. I can confidently recommend this drill for minor home repairs. Not too much to ask, it is not a torch!

Review of the Makita HP1640K impact drill

The drill. One of the most necessary things in the house and cottage. Universal drill should be percussion drill, so you can drill not only wood but also ponadatlyat holes for dowels in concrete or bricks. Paired with a cordless electric screwdriver, it covers almost all non-professional drill-and-torch needs. It was time to replace my old one and I chose the Makita. The machine is made by the manufacturer of good, but not too expensive equipment.

The HP1640K has a plastic case, as the letter K in the number indicates. Thanks to the case the drill can be stored neatly and if necessary transported and carried easily. Only 400 more expensive than the model without the case. That was a big factor in my choice. If you take the case separately, it will be noticeably more expensive, and fit to the drill will be very approximate. In the case you can put several drill bits, there is enough space.

At the same time the case is pretty hard to the touch, it is made with gaps, but these deficiencies are not critical. The case closes with two latches and not with latches.

Makita HP1640K drill is made in Romania, as evidenced by the corresponding label on the right side. Here are its main features. Power 680 Watts, idle RPM 2800, the required voltage in the electrical network, as well as the permissible diameter of drilling for wood and metal.

In addition to the carrying case, the package includes the drill itself, removable plastic stop, drilling depth limiter, instructions in different languages and a certificate of compliance.

Another parameter. chuck type. In this drill, it has a key, I mean the chuck opens and closes with the key. Compared to a quick-change chuck, changing the drill bit is not as convenient or fast, but there is a feeling that the key chuck should hold the drill bit better. While changing the drill bit. not the most frequent operation, the inconvenience is only apparent. The key is attached to the rubber band on the bottom of the drill, in order to open or tighten the chuck, it must be removed. If producer would guess to make a sliding cord fastener, it would be more convenient and the key would leave its place more seldom.

The drill chuck allows for drill bits with a shank diameter of 1.5 to 13 mm. The range is quite sufficient for household chores, even with plenty of room. It is known as the most common drill bit. six.

The manufacturer says that it is possible to drill concrete with drill bit up to 16 mm, metal up to 13 mm and wood up to 30 mm. Of course, the actual figures differ depending on the material. For example, to drill in pine and oak, copper and stainless steel. very different things, and it is often necessary to go through first with a thinner drill. It should be understood that this model is very good for home use, but it certainly can not compete with machine tools.

The drill has two operating modes. drilling and drilling with a hammer. Switching between them is done with a slider on the top of the body, on the left. just drilling, on the right. impact drilling, marked with a hammer symbol. In impact mode, the drill does up to 44800 beats per minute, and to the ear, this merges into a single, distinctive howling sound. It is not too loud, but you don’t want to damage your ears too much when working in confined spaces.

The Makita HP1640K makes it possible to fix the drill while it is running so that the hand does not get tired of gripping the handle when you work for long periods. A button on the left side of the handle is used for this. The drill has reverse to help you pull out the jammed drill bit. Definitely a useful feature. On and off switch on the side of the drill.

Included drilling depth limiter allows you not to overdo the depth. Useful thing when drilling a large number of holes in a relatively soft material, but you should not expect such a simple tool to be accurate, of course. For better observation of drilling depth it is better to use special limiter for drill bit. Not required very often.

The drill lies well in the hand, thanks to the rubber coating on the handle of the drill. Hand does not get tired even with a long impact mode, vibrations are well absorbed. The drill is ergonomically difficult to complain about, everything is made conveniently, quite accurately and thoughtfully.

The power cord, or simply the cord deserves a separate mention. It is quite soft and flexible, but it is only two meters long. I do not understand why Makita makes power cables so short. This actually means you need an extension cord for every job. If the cord were a meter longer, the user friendliness would be noticeably better.

In general, I liked the Makita HP1640K drill almost everything. both in terms of workmanship and performance. If you think about the manufacturer and the model. is a good choice, I recommend it for a variety of repair uses. During the time I worked with it I have positive impressions.

Makita impact drill review

A hammer drill takes its place in the toolbox of both the professional and the home handyman. Its main quality is versatility. With it you can drill (with or without impact) wood, metal, plastic, stone, mix mortars, paint, concrete, and if necessary to screw fasteners. Let’s review the main characteristics of impact drills on the example of three models of one of the most popular manufacturers Makita HP 1621 F, HP 1640 and HP 2033.

Performance is not the only factor in output power, it also influences the range of applications for the drill. Less than 900 watts mainly allows you to drill, but if it is higher, you can also mix mortars, countersink, grind, and much more.

Speed and torque depend on power; there is an inverse relationship between these two characteristics. That is, high rpm and low torque are needed for drilling narrow holes, and vice versa for screwing in screws. You can drill concrete, stone, ceramics thanks to the presence of the impact function. The number of bits per minute is also determined by the power and affects the performance of the tool.

As you can see, the models are designed primarily for drilling work. All tools have electronic speed control (by pushing the switch. from zero to maximum). The most powerful drill of the models under consideration. The Makita HP 2033, has a 2-speed gearbox, which allows more precise settings (rotational speed and impact frequency) for different tasks.

Maximum drilling diameter in the material is another important characteristic for impact drills. It is determined by the power and type of drill (and that, in turn, by the size of the chuck). The size of the chuck influences the choice of equipment and the nature of the work (this particularly applies to concrete drilling). For standard household tasks, a 13-millimeter chuck is enough, for production needs (attachment of heavy equipment) 16-millimeter or more is needed. As we can see the Makita HP 1640 has the smallest chuck dimension, the Makita HP 2033 has the biggest, and therefore its drill diameter in various materials is larger than that of the others.

All devices have a reversible change of direction. It is needed in order to pull out a jammed drill more easily.

Special mention should be made of the screwdriver work. They can be carried out only with an impact drill, which has a tightening force regulator and pulse current feed. Our models have no such function. Of course, they can screw in a screw, finely adjusting the force of pressing the button, but this is not a typical task for them, the master here acts at his own risk.

Comfort and safety are no small features in a drill. All models have power button on the main handle, additional handle for a comfortable grip, as well as drilling depth limiter. As for the weight, the third model is the heaviest because of the powerful motor. All machines have double safety insulation; gear housing in metal, with ventilation holes for better heat dissipation, which guarantees high resistance to wear and longevity. Makita HP 1621 F has a lamp for illuminating the working area.

The quickness of nozzle change significantly affects the working comfort. The Makita HP 1640 is equipped with a key chuck, i.e. a special key is needed to insert a new drill bit. The system is considered reliable, but all manipulation takes time. Two other models have a quick-change chuck, accessories are changed by hand.

Features Makita HP 1621 F Makita HP 1640 Makita HP 2033
Power, W 650 680 720
Idle speed, rpm 2800 2800 850/2900
Impact frequency, rpm 44800 44800 9400/32000
Max. drill diameter wood/steel, mm 30/13 30/13 40/13
chuck size, mm 16 13 20
Weight, kg 1,7 1,7 2,5

All of the tools shown are professional quality tools, well-built, with long service life, designed for intensive work. For complex production operations the powerful two-speed Makita HP 2033 is the right choice. From two other models the more convenient and functional Makita HP 1621 F. Although it is slightly inferior to Makita HP 1640 in power, but does not lose it in other parameters, and in addition, has a quick-action chuck and backlight. It is a handy impact drill for domestic and professional tasks.

How to choose a Makita electric screwdriver?

When choosing an electric screwdriver drill from the Makita brand, the buyer should pay special attention to such parameters as:

makita, drill, review
  • type and dimensions of the construction;
  • torque category;
  • The total number of speeds;
  • availability of a speed switch;
  • maximum power;
  • type of chuck and its diameter;
  • availability of a reverse button;
  • presence of LED illumination of the drilling site;
  • the number of batteries or the length of the power cord;
  • additional operating modes and accessories.