Mini tractor with power tiller motor sich with his hands

Area of application

All-wheel drive tractor, made his own hands, has pretty good characteristics of cross-country, which gives him the opportunity to perform virtually the same front work as the store analogues, such as Uralets, Kubota, Bulat 120, Yanmar, Belarus 132n, Scout.

Of course, the power of self-made machine may be somewhat weaker, but at the level of domestic use, this fact is almost imperceptible.

The main area of application of this unit, made by their own hands, is agricultural work. Under this term there is a wide enough range, which includes many related works. In other words, self-made mini-tractor is needed for the following purposes:

  • plowing of land holdings for the purpose of their further use;
  • cultivating the soil, as well as getting rid of weeds
  • harrowing the soil;
  • sowing on the cultivated soil;
  • planting and digging potatoes.

In principle, this is the main purpose of the minitractor, for which it is made. But, its application can be significantly expanded, if you provide in its design a special connection for additional equipment, mounted and trailed type.

If everything is done correctly, your self-made tractor can additionally perform the following works:

Latest model Mini Paddy Field Rice farm cultivator/rotary power tiller agricul tural tiller

  • transportation of various goods (transportation of firewood, construction waste, etc.).д.);
  • snow removal in the winter season;
  • Mowing lawns and lawns, as well as making hay for the livestock.

As we can see, the minitractor breaker classic 4×4 with their own hands is able to significantly facilitate the life of any villager, because with the help of this equipment it becomes possible to perform all kinds of works that are required in the competent conduct of the subsistence farming.

The indispensability of the self-made unit is also due to the fact that in its manufacture a minimum of investment and funds is used, which is very important for rural areas.

For more details about the four-wheel drive minitractor, see

Necessary tools and materials

The first stage of the work consists of drawing and preparation of equipment. If you have the appropriate skills, you can develop a scheme of nodes and mechanisms on your own or use those presented below.

As for the components, then ready-made factory kits for remodeling are suitable. they are in any case cheaper than the mini-tractor itself. But this option is suitable only for those who do not want to save on absolutely everything.

Creating a homemade tractor will be impossible without:

  • angle grinder and disks.
  • Fasteners and hardware (bolts and nuts).
  • Tubes and pipes with a metal base.
  • A drill that comes with drill kits.
  • Equipment for welding.
  • A tool kit.

You can’t do without two suitable wheels along with a hitch and a driver’s seat, steering mechanism, pedals and the tiller itself. It must have a sufficient level of power.

A heavy-duty diesel-powered motorblock class. ideal for a homemade mini-tractor.

Examples of mini-tractor drawings

The drawing of the layout of a mini-tractor “Ant”

Criteria for choosing a power tiller

To make a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller, first of all, it is necessary to intelligently choose a special device.

mini, tractor, power, tiller

The choice is based on the rule “power is directly proportional to the area of the site”. That is, the larger the plot, the more powerful the engine of the device is selected. For processing a plot of 20-60 acres a 4 liter power tiller is enough. с., For 1 hectare. 6-7 liters. с., to plow a 2- to 3-hectare area, you need a single-axle tractor with 8 to 9 liters capacity. с. Do not use power tillers to work on a larger area. it is impractical. A full-size tractor is needed here.

Examples of power tillers and their technical characteristics

The engine must be a diesel one: it is more economical and reliable than a gasoline one. Pay special attention to the weight of the unit and the distance between the wheels when choosing. The higher the weight, the better the mini-tractor made of this block will plow the ground. The greater the distance between the wheels, the more stable the system will be, and the lower will be specific pressure on the ground (the mechanism will not “dig in” to the soft ground).

When buying it is recommended to make a choice in favor of power tillers, the manufacturers of which offer branded equipment for conversion into a mini-tractor. less work will come out. Among domestic firms, the following companies offer such “constructors”:

Agro power tillers have a weak point. the half-axles are brittle to fracture. If you make a tractor “mini” from such a machine, you need to reinforce the axles with wheel reducers.

Choosing between domestic and foreign producers, you should know that the “Germans” and “Americans” are more reliable, but spare parts are expensive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, for small and medium-sized plots it is recommended to take a domestic single-axle tractor, for large, which are used for commercial purposes, the best solution will be more reliable “foreigner”.

Design features

Given that the factory tractor requires a large investment, there is no need to invest a lot of money, not knowing what the harvest will be. Structurally, the single-axle tractor is designed to perform the same functions, and spare parts are always available. Minitractor with engine from the motor block is distinguished, first of all, affordable price, even for novice farmers. In addition, it is characterized by compact dimensions, allowing no problem to get not only on the site, but also in the greenhouse. If you want to expand the functionality, the use of various attachments.

The key assemblies of the power tiller, due to which it is possible to convert it into a tractor, will be as follows:

  • the body and frame are the base to which absolutely all the working units are subsequently attached. For this, the body is bent from steel with a thickness of at least 5 mm., and for the frame they use very strong channel bars;
  • steering. Usually farmers handyman do not puzzle over this node and take as a basis an old steering wheel from any decommissioned motorcycle;
  • the wheels. often wheels with tires from garden wheelbarrows, old bicycles, motor vehicles, etc. are used.;
  • an unsuitable, but still intact car seat, which is installed behind the power unit, can act as a seat;
  • levers and fasteners, including nuts, bolts, screws, washers.

A mini tractor from a power tiller with his own hands. the procedure of making

Before you begin making a mini tractor based on the tiller, you will need to prepare the necessary materials for work. The kit for the conversion includes:

  • apparatus for welding;
  • screwdrivers and wrenches;
  • An electronic drill and a set of different drill bits;
  • Angle grinder and a set of discs for working with metal;
  • a set of nuts and bolts.

Properly assemble the tractor from the power tiller will help appropriate drawings. In them you will find information on what order to connect the parts and what method of attachment is suitable for their reliable installation. Convert your power tiller to a mini-tractor in the following order:

  • Minitractor on the basis of the power tiller must necessarily be equipped with a strong reliable frame. It must withstand an extra pair of wheels, plus the load carried in the tractor will press on the supporting structure. To make a strong frame, it is best to use pipes or metal corners. The heavier the frame, the better the tractor hitch will be, and the better the plowing will be. The thickness of the walls of the frame also does not matter too much. the main thing is that they do not bend under the pressure of the transported cargo, Cut blanks for the frame can be used with an angle grinder. Then all the parts are bolted together at first, and then welded to each other. Make the frame sturdier and safer by using a cross support;
  • Immediately after making the frame, it can be fitted with a hitch, by which a small tractor will be fitted with additional apparatus. The hitch can be fitted on either the front or the rear of the supporting construction. If in the future made minitractor is planned to be used with a trailer, then to the back of his frame should be welded towbar;
  • In the next step, the homemade tractor is equipped with front wheels. For this purpose, it is best to equip the manufactured mini-tractor with 2 prefabricated hubs with brakes. Next, you need to fix the wheels themselves. To do this, take a piece of metal pipe, the cross section of which corresponds to the front axle. Next, attach the wheel hubs to the tube. Drill a hole in the center of the tube that is needed to mount the product to the front of the frame. Then mount the steering rods and adjust them to the frame by means of the worm gears. After mounting the gearbox, install the steering column. The axle at the rear of the tractor unit is mounted with pressed-in bearing bushes. The wheels used must have a cross section of less than 15 inches. The smallest parts will lead to burying the machine with the front end, and wheels that are larger will greatly aggravate the maneuverability of the mini-tractor;
  • The next step is to equip the mini-tractor with an engine from a power tiller. It is best to install the motor in the front of the machine, because this way you will improve the balance of the agricultural machine when working with a loaded trailer. To install the motor, provide a reliable mounting system. When assembling the motor do not forget that the PTO shaft must be mounted flush with the pulley, located on the rear axle of the mini-tractor. The force on the wheels should be through a belt drive. For more details on how to remake a power tiller into a mini-tractor video.

The tractor made by your own hands should be equipped with a reliable braking system and a high-quality hydrovalve, which is needed for the trouble-free operation of the unit with attached equipment.

A mini tractor with its own hands with a motor from a tiller. How to make a mini tractor with your own hands from a power tiller

Thanks to the mechanization of work in the homestead, routine tasks can be turned into a pleasant pastime. The main task in such a situation is performed by all kinds of technical means, and a man has only to manage them. And from some relatively simple devices, you can make more complex ones yourself, for example, to make a mini-tractor from a power tiller.

Advantages of a mini-tractor

Among the main advantages of self-made technical means, it should be noted in the first place the lower cost in comparison with ready-made counterparts. In addition, such a unit will not require much space for storage. Now it is clear why most owners of homestead plots want to know how to make a mini-tractor with their own hands from a power tiller.

At the same time do not forget about the economy of the home-made device, because it does not require a lot of fuel

for spare parts are also quite attractive, and they are not difficult to buy. If you install on a homemade tractor from a power tiller tires with deep tread, then the unit will get a good cross-country capability. No less important characteristic of the device is its small size.

To make a minitractor with their own hands from a power tiller, it is necessary to have some set of knowledge and be friendly with tools.

Before starting work on the creation of this technical means, it is worth studying several drawings and reading the relevant literature. Units from different manufacturers have unique technical characteristics. Which affects the list of necessary modernization works.

Today you can find models on the market, equipped with adapters with a seat. As a result, the process of creating a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller will be even simpler. However, if there is no adapter, it will not be so difficult to make it with your own hands. Many owners of homestead plots prefer the units “Salyut”, “Neva” and some Chinese models. To make a tractor out of the tiller with his own hands, in addition to the basic device will be required:

  • 2 wheels;
  • sheet of stainless steel, as well as metal corners and pipes;
  • Welding machine;
  • drill;
  • seat; attachments.

Recommendations for choosing a power tiller

It is necessary to choose the model of the initial technical device with maximum responsibility. Special attention should be paid to several characteristics:

  • Engine power. to work a large piece of land a more powerful single axle tractor will be needed.
  • Fuel. it is desirable to opt for models that use diesel fuel. They are more economical and great for working large plots of land.
  • Weight. the lower the weight, the easier to control. However, if the unit is the base for a minitractor, preference should be given to more massive models. Cost. there is no need to focus on expensive units, because it is to save money that a single-axle tractor is purchased.

Instructions for making a machine

After deciding on the model of the power tiller, you can start its modernization. This instruction will be useful for owners of units “Kentavr”, “Agro”, as well as “Zubr.

Making the frame

This is the main element of the construction of a minitractor, and it is with its making that you should begin. Thanks to the lengthening of the frame it is possible to install an additional pair of wheels, seat and steering. To make the frame you need metal pipes, channel and angle. The section size of blanks is not of fundamental importance. The main thing is that the frame should not be deformed by the load.

The weighting of the entire machine is beneficial, because the grip with the ground will be improved. All the material should be cut to the required size, and then welded together a rectangular structure. To strengthen the joints can be further strengthened by bolting.

It is also desirable to install the frame on a cross beam to increase the rigidity of the entire structure. Then it remains to mount the suspension, the device for the operation of the attachment. If the mini-tractor will be used for moving loads, it is worth thinking about a towbar.

mini, tractor, power, tiller


You should start making this element of the machine by mounting the front wheels. This requires two hubs with brakes, which are secured to a piece of metal pipe. A through hole must be drilled in the center of this axis. It is required for attachment to the transverse front member of the frame.

The next step is to mount the gearbox with worm gearing. It must be connected via the steering rods to the front axle. After that, we can proceed to installing the steering column. The machine’s rear axle is mounted on bearings that are pressed into the steel bushes beforehand. In addition, it is mounted on a pulley to transmit the torque to the wheels from the power unit.

Mounting the engine

In most cases, on homemade minitractors, the power plant is located in the front. For this purpose, special mountings are welded to the frame. The front location of the engine allows you to balance the attached equipment. Belt drive transmission to the wheels. In order to tension the belt well, all fixing elements should be adjustable. In addition, when installing the power unit, special attention should be paid to the pulleys, which should be in alignment with each other.

Additional equipment

Once the power pack is mounted on the frame, there are only a few more steps to perform. First of all mount the braking system and be sure to check the reliability of its work. After that, you need to install the hydraulics for working with the attachments and fix the seat. To protect the engine and other machine mechanisms, it is worth making thin sheet metal covers. When the device is assembled, it should be run-in. If there are no problems, you can check its work under load.

Accessories and optional equipment

Motor Sich” motor blocks are considered a universal equipment, because various types of attachments can be installed to them, thereby increasing their functionality. The attachments are suitable for almost all types of modifications with horsepower from 6 liters. with and above.

Most often a power tiller is supplemented with the following equipment.

  • Cutters. They are supplied by the manufacturer as a set with the machine. Cutters are installed by the customer according to the instructions supplied with the machine. Mounting is carried out on the unit’s axles, in place of the wheels. The wheels are removed before mounting the cutters, and depending on the type of work, not all blades can be mounted, but only part of them. This is how the width of the working area can be adjusted.
  • adapter. For power tillers “Motor Sich” it is recommended to buy adapters of AD-2B and AD-3B models. They differ in carrying capacity, the first type has a capacity of 320 kg, the second. 350 kg. Such carts are also equipped with a comfortable upholstered seat.

Some models are equipped with the protection of the transported cargo, their adapter has sides. Such a device is indispensable for both domestic and municipal transportation.

  • Mower. This equipment is available in three types: KA-1B (productivity 0.16 ha/h, working width 0.8 m), KA-3S (productivity 0.2 ha/h, 1 ths. m) and a simpler model, designed for small plots of land. Technical indicators of this mower are practically the same as the previous types, but it is usually used for haymaking of small volumes.

Mowers are not only ideal for preparing fodder, but are also used for other gardening and household chores.

  • Tiller. These are metal nozzles, which outwardly resemble wings. They are mounted on the axle of a power tiller and used for plowing any kind of land, especially useful for tillage.
  • Plow. There are two types of plows: reversible and usual. Reversible ploughs of model PO-1B fit on Motor Sich motor blocks. Their working width is 22 cm, their efficiency is 0.04 ha/h, and the ploughing depth is 20 cm. As for the usual plow, then for power tillers usually choose the model PN-1V. In addition, ploughs are sold in a set with small hand ploughs. They can be used to till the soil if it is necessary to make a deepening from 2 to 13 cm.
  • Hiller. Productivity of this attachment is from 0.18 to 0.28 ha/h, and the working width between the rows is between 45 and 70 cm. Hillers are usually used for seedbed preparation and fertilizer spreading.
  • Harrow. The design of Motor Sich power tillers provides for a special type of mounting: fixing by coupling, so a harrow can be easily mounted on any model. It is designed for cultivation of small plots. Its productivity is up to 0.48 ha/h, and the width of coverage. from 60 to 120 cm.
  • Shovel blades. Available in widths of 60, 80, 90 and 100 cm. Their weight does not exceed 75 kg, the throw distance is 3,5 m.
  • Equipment for planting and harvesting potatoes. Potato planters have a quite voluminous hopper, designed for 0.15 m3. They consist of a sturdy chassis and an arrowhead. Potato harvesters are characterized by a good productivity of 0.04 ha/h.


We want to draw your attention to the fact that there are motor Sich motobloks, which are not prefabricated, on sale. The “Motor Sich MB-9DE” and “Motor Sich MB-13E” models are especially popular among crooks. These power tillers do not pass the appropriate tests and therefore they are not covered by the warranty of the manufacturer Motor Sich JSC. For more information please contact Motor Sich FLIRSHOP or Motor Sich DEPARTMENT. Contacts: Motor Sich FIRMED SALON. Phones: 38 (061) 720-44-54 38 (050) 456-71-02 38 (067) 619-81-41 E-mail address: [emailprotected] PUBLIC GOODS SALES DIVISION OF Motor Sich JSC. Phones: 38 (061) 720-48-03 38 (061) 720-49-72 E-mail address: [emailprotected]

A tractor from a power tiller. popular options of remaking

In each case of converting a power tiller into a mini tractor there are a number of features that must be taken into account when assembling a larger agricultural machine. Let’s consider these nuances by the example of the most popular motor blocks.

Repairs of power tillers of Zubr brand

Units of this domestic brand are equipped with reliable diesel engines. For transforming them into mini-tractors you will need hydraulics, which will allow you to use different mounted implements together with the agricultural machine, as well as brakes, steering and 2 additional wheels.

The assembly of a mini tractor from Kentavr motoblocks

The power tillers of this brand belong to the category of professional machines. The tractor with a motoblock of this brand will turn out quite powerful, passable and productive.

To make a mini tractor from such a crawler you need to weld a reinforced frame on which the engine, driver’s seat and an extra pair of wheels will be located. The engine power is enough to make a crawler tractor from a crawler tractor. such a unit will be much more passable and stable on loose ground. If necessary it can be equipped with a trailer for transporting gardening tools and small-sized cargo.

Peculiarities of the remaking of Agro power tillers

To assemble a minitractor from a walking tractor of this make, you need to do more extensive work. In addition to welding a strong frame, mounting the steering and installing other necessary units, the half-axles of Agro power tillers need to be equipped with wheel reducers. In some cases it can help to install the engine at the back of the design of a mini-tractor. it will give an opportunity to distribute the load on the frame more evenly.

Agro motorcycles cannot be used to make a 4 x 4 mini-tractor. To make a four-wheel drive unit, you will need to have a more powerful and stable power tiller, initially equipped with a non-dismountable frame.