Grass trimmer is started by pressing the gas

At high rotational speeds

When the grass saw stalls at high speeds, it is due to the following malfunctions:

  • clogging or sticking of the valve, located on the gas tank lid;
  • the carburetor has malfunctioned due to vibrations from the mechanism
  • problems with fuel mixture circulation;
  • atmospheric air inflow;
  • The hose intended for the fuel intake is cracked or loose.

Adjust the carburettor according to the instruction manual of the trimmer. It is often sufficient to loosen the tightening of the carburettor body in order to make adjustments. If there are problems with the circulation of the fuel mixture, it may flow into the carburetor little by little. Engine stalls at high revs after it has run out.

The following are the most common causes

The following are possible reasons why the lawnmower or grass trimmer stops when you try to restart and continue the interrupted operation:

  • Engine malfunction;
  • Failure in the gasoline and oil supply system;
  • Damage of the pipelines (capillaries, hoses, connectors);
  • malfunctions in the ignition system.

A general description of a mower or trimmer problem is not enough here. Accurate and immediate repair, high quality service is impossible without specifying the identified cause.

How not to get confused if the lawnmower won’t start

All reasons why the lawnmower does not start can be classified according to the specific operation of the individual components. Malfunctions are classified in the service center:

  • engine failure (piston wear, bearing failure, cracked crankcase);
  • Fuel mixture malfunction. clogged air filter pores or carburetor malfunction;
  • The ignition system does not work;
  • mechanical malfunction. leaky hoses, broken wires under the braid, broken tubes.

The user should first check whether there is fuel in the tank. Start according to the instructions, with the saw on its side. To establish an air damper in position “closed”, pump fuel, switch on ignition and make 3-4 sharp jerks by a starter. If the engine starts, open the air damper. Lawn mower won’t start. repeat operations with the air damper slightly open.

The lawnmower can’t run for long. The gearbox and engine overheat. You can mow no more than 15=20 minutes, making a five-minute break. On a hot afternoon the run time is halved. Mowing weeds, thistles, etc. require shorter working time.

If the start fails, start looking for the cause of the failure:

  • check the fuel quality;
  • make sure that the spark plug is working and the spark plug hole is clean;
  • Check the cleanliness of the air filter;
  • Check if the fuel filter is not clogged;
  • check the breather plug cleanliness;
  • clean the exhaust duct.

complex causes will be, discovered during diagnosis malfunctions that lead to a major repair of the carburetor. Such causes include clogging of the internal carburetor channels, wear on the carburetor gasket, and failure to seal the internal halves with loss of vacuum. Repairing the lawnmower with their own hands, if it does not start, will require patience.

Lawn mower won’t start or starts but stops. What is the reason?

To understand this, you need to know the principle of operation of the unit as a whole. It also happens that just bought, new saw does not start, and starts running around in service centers, in such cases, it is recommended

carefully read the instruction manual; study in detail the way of the first start-up and running-in lawnmower; try to understand the principle of operation of the product, how gasoline is pumped, and so on.

The quality of gasoline is bad; wrong proportion of gasoline and oil; fine filter is clogged; spark is gone.

Lawn mower does not start after winter

In such cases it is necessary to carry out maintenance of the unit. Remove the fuel system, including filters (air, fuel), disassemble the carburetor, clean each component, flush. Blow through the filters with air. Pay attention to fuel quality and octane rating.

It is necessary to take into account that products of such famous brands as STIHL, Husgvarna and others, will not work on cheap gasoline with a low octane rating. They are suitable fuel grade AI. 92 and above from gas stations and then, with a well-established, because gas stations, too, can be bad gasoline. The use of high octane and quality gasoline, will determine how long you will use the mower and how long it will last.

It is also necessary to take into account that if you store a diluted fuel mixture for a long time, it deteriorates its performance, which also leads to consequences, when the lawnmower won’t start. That’s why you have to dilute the gasoline in batches, that is the amount of mixture you need to produce at one time. The instruction manual clearly describes and explains the mixing ratio of gasoline and oil. Strict adherence to the correct proportions will at least save you from several questions, why the lawnmower does not start and what to do in such cases.

The lawnmower starts and then shuts down. What to do?

There is a spark and everything seems to be normal, but the lawnmower does not start, in such cases you should check the air access valve in the fuel tank. A clogged valve leads to a vacuum in the tank in which the carburetor receives less gasoline, so the lawnmower will start but then stalls. To rule out this cause you need to clean the valve and try to start the lawnmower with the tank cap not completely screwed on. 2. If the lawnmower does not start, you should remove and clean the fuel filter and check all the carburetor parts, and then try to start. The lawn mower does not start again, the air filter disconnects, try to start without it, if the gasoline mower starts it means the reason is the air filter, replace it.

The lawn mower won’t start, the spark is gone

Lack of spark plug results in checking the contacts and the correctness of the gap between them, the wire to the plug and the plug itself. A way to check the spark plug is to unscrew it, connect a wire to it, put the plug to the side of the housing and pull the starter a few times as if winding the lawnmower, while looking at the ember and the spark plug contact, between them should be a spark. If there is no spark, take a new spark plug and do the same procedure, if even so, the spark is not traced, then the problem is in the wire or contacts, it is better to replace them.

Lawn mower won’t start in cold conditions

When starting a cold engine, it is not recommended to press on the gas. Tilt the lawnmower so the air filter is on top, press the suction button 5-6 times, put the function switch lever in the “start” position, pull the starter cord several times until the engine starts. After the engine has been running for a few seconds, disconnect the start system.

Lawn mower does not start when hot

If the lawnmower has recently been in operation and has not yet had time to cool down, but does not want to start. press the gas pedal, sharply pull the starter cord several times until the engine starts and only then release the throttle trigger. If enough time has elapsed and the lawnmower has had time to cool down, then you must start it the same way as when it is cold. If the above methods have not helped, the lawnmower does not start, then it is worth to contact the service center.

Gardening machinery repair and service.

Specialized service center “Agrotehservice. Warranty and post-warranty service of world manufacturers! Warning! For users!


Electric and gasoline-powered trimmers have typical breakdowns and malfunctions. For units powered by an internal combustion engine, this:

  • problems in the carburetor;
  • Engine failure;
  • problems with fuel system;
  • Breakdown of the gearbox, starter, muffler;
  • clogs;
  • Breakage of the air filter;
  • problems with the ignition coil.

Electric units have specific breakdowns:

With uncomplicated problems, you can make repairs to the grass trimmer with your own hands.

Why the grass trimmer does not start

The most common reason that the unit does not start is the use of poor-quality fuel. Choosing gasoline grades lower than AI-92 can put a lawn mower out of commission. If you use quality fuel, you need to look for other causes. This is done by carefully checking all the components and systems. Subject to inspection:

The device may not start after a long downtime. Before turning on the grass trimmer, you need to study the operating instructions well. The solution to many problems is indicated in it.

If it cuts out when you accelerate

There are several reasons why the grass trimmer stops when you press the throttle:

  • The first cause is carburetor looseness.
  • Clogged fuel valve.
  • Check valve blockage.
  • Loose and sagging carburetor cable or sagging fuel intake hose.

To avoid the described problems with the lawnmower, you need to carefully monitor the condition of the device and its units. Timely cleaning, washing of the unit and spare parts can increase the life of the unit.

Starter breakdowns

The most complicated starter motor failure occurs when the rope breaks and wraps around the flywheel. As a result, the spring may burst and the pulley may tear. If this happens, only a complete replacement is necessary. Such a breakdown rarely occurs. It happens more often:

In this case it is easy to repair the starter itself. The manufacturer has prepared step-by-step instructions for this.

Gearbox repair

To take care of your brushcutter reducer, it is important to lubricate the machine in time. Lack of it can lead to rapid wear of gears and gear module jamming.

Main malfunctions of the grass trimmer gearbox:

  • heavy heating of the transmission unit due to the use of low-quality lubricant or lack thereof;
  • the shaft seizes up when rotating the worn bearings;
  • wobbling or flying off of the transmission gear rod as a result of damaged housing;
  • No rotation of the output shaft with the blade due to wear of the teeth on the gears.
grass, trimmer

Most gearbox failures are due to bearing failure.

This happens because of poor or no lubrication. Another reason of gearbox failure is the operation of grass trimmer at the limit of its ability and ingress of foreign objects. To replace a faulty bearing, the gearbox is disassembled.

Peculiarities of repair of electric models

Electric models of trimmers, working from the mains, have several main blocks in their composition:

Each trimmer unit has specific problems. In the mechanical part, they depend on the presence of a fishing line used as a cutting element. Causes of stopping working:

To detect problems with the electrical part of the electric mower, you can use special tools:

A blowtorch is needed to troubleshoot problems.

  • malfunction of the power cable;
  • Problems with the socket and plug;
  • failure of the control knob;
  • burned winding of the starter, it is necessary to replace the motor;
  • Breakage of contacts can be fixed yourself with a blowtorch.

Tips for use

It is worth paying attention to some recommendations for working with a brush or trimmer, extend the life of the device to several times.

  • As soon as you notice that the brush or grass trimmer vibrates. Immediately stop working and check that specific parts are in good working order.
  • Adjust valves and check pistons and cylinders, clean and replace nozzles as required in the owner’s manual and service center technician recommendations.
  • When air bubbles enter the system through a broken fuel hose, apply gas. When gasoline with a higher engine speed burns, the gas bubbles become smaller. But this is a temporary measure. Disassemble the unit as soon as possible and eliminate the cause of excessive air intake.
  • Do not operate the unit in cold weather without warming up the engine. It can often freeze under load. The effect here is the same as when a 40-year-old driver starts the car and drives right away without waiting for the engine to warm up.
  • Do not leave the car on the roadway. In the event of an accident, it will break immediately, making the purchase of a new unit a necessity. A car hitting it will, at best, damage the body and bumper.
  • Avoid working with a brush or rain trimmer. At worst, water and air can cause the engine to explode. Similar situations have occurred with cars.
  • Do not use untested motor oils and lubricants. The lawnmower heats the engine more than the car. If the oil gets too hot, the oil will lose its lubricating properties. It will turn into a calcified reagent. Sticky, too viscous and viscous like fuel oil. This will stop (and shut down) the engine immediately.
  • If the oil is old, previously drained from the tank of the machine or another (or the same) lawnmower (on a 4-stroke engine). Protect it, filter it to clean off dirt and metal. But get fresh engine oil as soon as possible.
  • If the engine is a two-stroke. Observe the ratio of gasoline to oil. For mineral oil formulations it is approximately 34: 1, for semi-synthetic. 42: 1, for pure synthetic. 50: 1. Don’t break these ratios: “Lubricated” gasoline won’t burn and will quickly clog the engine “. Undirected “will accelerate the wear and tear of mobile parts.
  • In terms of viscosity, oil with the mark refer to the winter classes: SAE-0W / 5W / 10W / 15W / 20W / 25W. For Summer. SAE-20/30/40/50/60. For example, SAE 10W-40 is already a multifaceted oil (when the mower runs from spring to fall inclusive). Be sure to ask the manufacturer what oil you need.
  • Always use quality gasoline that has passed all stages of purification from the manufacturer.
  • Recommended octane rating for gasoline. AI-92/95/98. Using 76 gasoline can lead to insufficient engine power, frequent delays if you fill up with, for example, 76 or 80 gasoline.
  • If you are unsure about solving problems with your mower (which does not pick up speed and often lags). Call a technician or go to a motorcycle and garden equipment service center. Specialists are not used to doing this job for you.

Why the grass trimmer won’t start: finding the causes and fixing them correctly

The owners of suburban plots and owners of country houses can not do without the help of various equipment. In the summer and autumn the yard area is saved by a grass trimmer. a simple technique that allows you to quickly mow the lawn, remove weeds, get rid of small bushes. However, it also often surprises the owners: at the most responsible moment lawn mower can not gain momentum, or does not include in the work at all. To fix the problem as quickly as possible, owners need to know why the grass trimmer does not start. First it’s necessary to find out what can cause such malfunctions, pinpoint the culprit and then remove the obstacle with your own strength.

Why the grass trimmer does not start: causes of malfunction and ways to fix them

It’s time to mow the lawn, but the mower doesn’t work? It’s scary to think how you can keep your lawn in tip-top condition with a hand-held tool, especially when you’ve never done it before. If the grass trimmer does not start, the causes can be very different, but most of them you can fix yourself.

No special tools or specialized knowledge required. A little courage and free time to read this material. and the grass trimmer will not need to be taken to the master.

How to start a string trimmer, starting a weed eater is easy if you know how

In this article we’ll show you how to determine what’s stopping the machine from starting, show you how to repair each block and show you how to avoid problems in the future. For clarity, there are photos and videos, where the most common breakdowns are clearly disassembled.

Where to look for the cause or where to start checking

All chainsaws have the same design and use the same principle. Read how chainsaws work in this article. It does not matter what brand of tool. STIHL, Husqvarna, ECHO, Champion, Partner, Sturm and others. The defect, which appears in the form when the chainsaw stops when you press the gas, can occur equally in expensive and high-quality tools, as well as on the budget Chinese devices. If there is a problem, it needs to be corrected.

A chainsaw is a system of mechanisms made up of parts. Any part in the mechanism can fail, resulting in partial or complete failure of the tool. If the tool starts, it does not mean that the chainsaw is completely serviceable. If the engine stops when you rev up, there is a reason for it. When this malfunction occurs, you need to pay attention to a number of the following mechanisms of the tool initially:

  • Check the fuel tank. make sure there is fuel. If there is enough fuel, you should also check if the fuel filter is working properly, if the supply hose is connected to the carburetor, and if the breather valve is working

These are the main parts and mechanisms that should be checked first, if a malfunction occurs when the chainsaw cuts out when the gas pedal is depressed. There are other reasons why a chainsaw engine stops when you pull the throttle. What else can contribute to this malfunction, as well as peculiarities of troubleshooting, let’s find out further.